Healthy is the New Skinny: Habits for Life


Are you ready to take full control of your life?

Raise your hand if, since 2021 rolled around, you’ve challenged yourself to #DryJanuary, fitness goals, diets, etc. How loyal have you been to any of these?

Summer is here and the wobbly bits your partner loves but that bother YOU, may still be in the same place and your energy level is at 50%.

Short-term health/diet challenges and accomplishments don’t last long. I’m sure we can all look back and recount the times we’ve started a new way to get our bodies back to their youthful and fit ways.

My Story

In January 2020 I had an unexpected and total hysterectomy at the age of 37. At the time, I was in the best shape I had been in years and was living a healthy and active lifestyle. Due to the extent of the surgery I had to give up strength training and heavy-duty workouts (which I love) indefinitely. Between the pandemic, emotional stress, and physical changes due to early menopause, my health took a toll on me.

I am writing this today with 20 extra pounds and accumulated frustration. We’ve all endured stress in different ways this past year, but I feel like it’s finally time to take charge and get rid of this ‘defeated state of mind.’

I’m accounting for all the time lost this year and going back to my former healthy self one day at a time.

No pressure!

Health is a Lifestyle: What Does ‘Habit’ mean?

“Habit: a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.” (Oxford Languages Dictionary).

To accomplish any of our goals, we need to make lifestyle changes that are realistic and that work for us. We need to create consistent and healthy habits that become part of our daily lives and understand that exercise and balanced nutrition go hand-in-hand. Let’s not forget that weight loss and physical changes do not happen overnight (or even in a month).

Exercising is FREE

What Works and What Doesn’t

Many weight loss and meal programs require a lot of will, dedication, and cash, plus equal amounts of physical activity. Realistically and financially they might not be sustainable for everyone. That Keto diet you began on January 1st, if you have stuck to it, might have you begging for energy and a fast-food binge. All those pills, teas, and ACV gummies you pay for may not be yielding the results you desire either.

If you can afford it, use your money on something that motivates an active lifestyle like a gym, a spinning class, Bootcamp, CrossFit, barre classes, yoga, Zumba, tennis lessons etc. In Pensacola, we have plenty of options for any budget and fitness level. Put all those ‘Smart Gyms’ you got this past year to good use! Don’t be scared to sign up for the multiple running events that happen in town, as well. 

FYI, being skinny does not necessarily mean being healthy. Below I will break down my regular HABITS that will hopefully guide you to set up yours.

 2021 Fitness Habits: Fueling My Energy

  • Interval Run: Once my kids finally went back to school in person, I designated three mornings a week to do 30-minute interval runs with my dog, through my neighborhood. On rainy days I cardio it up with Zumba or Bootcamp tutorials from YouTube.
  • Strength Training and Core:  I do 20 minutes of abs and weights. I usually pick three movements of each and do 3-4 rounds (timed or counted).
  • Extra Cardio: Instead of sitting and watching my kids’ tennis practice (once a week) I go for an ‘Interval Run’ near the courts. I’ve also signed up for virtual 5k’s for motivation and have gotten my friends and family from all over the country involved.
  • Resistance Bands: I have one elastic band in my car that I use for upper body exercises while waiting in the afternoon car line or picking my kids up from their activities, camp, or sports practices. Put your long waiting times to good use…

Budget-Friendly Fitness Equipment

I’ve found great bargains on some simple fitness equipment (pictured above) to work on agility and strength in a few stores in town: Five Below, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Walmart, Target, etc. I used to attend BootCamp classes so I get to apply all I’ve learned at home. You can get tons of free workout plans and tutorials online and on YouTube if you feel lost.

Motivation and Accountability

FOLLOW Pensacola Mom Collective Fitness Club for all the moral support and motivation you need!

*The above-mentioned are harmless ways that I manage my health and body. Every physical activity can be modified to your restrictions and abilities. If you have a condition that needs to be professionally managed or seek specific nutrition advice contact your Primary Care Physician for a thorough assessment.


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