I remember those days when I carried around a Cover Girl compressed powder pocket mirror to make sure my makeup was in place and had all the time in the world to retouch it. Then, babies came into the...
As a typical busy mom, my self-care has declined; certainly, skincare is no exception. I had big dreams in my 20's that once I reached my 30's, I’d be treating myself to all kinds of skincare maintenance and luxuries....
Those of us in the South get an extended (HOT) summer, so we look forward to fall every year. The cool weather, the autumn celebrations, all things pumpkin, football, our gorgeous Florida sunsets, and of course, being outside without sweating! To...



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PMC Ultimate Summer Bucket List

PMC's Ultimate Summer Bucket List Presented by Rachael Johnson of the Mark Lee Team / Levin Rinke Realty Pensacola Mom Collective has partnered with Rachael...

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