PMC’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is around the corner and there is no one more deserving than MOM.

Let’s face it, she wears ALL THE HATS in our lives and this is the one full day we get to spoil her rotten with our love, our quality time, our notes and of course a special GIFT!

The Pensacola Mom Collective Team wants to help you make sure you select the perfect gift this year, so we have come together to share some of our secret favorites gifts we have recieved or want this year!!!!

We hope something on this list excites you as much as it does for us and cheers to ALL the amazing mamas out there.

Here are a few of our favorites to share with you for Mother’s Day Ideas:


  • This beautiful Dangle Stone Necklace is golf plated and comes in various stone colors for your mom, check it out from Anthropologie.


  • I adore this micro pearl bracelet from Draper James and think it is a great stand alone bracelet on her wrist and even better with a stack!


  • One more pearl option (because they are my absolute favorite and lots of other mamas too) are these adorable Tuckernuck Pearl Marion Earrings. They are so fun to dress up or down!


  • Sunshine Tienda Hat– She wants to protect her face from the sun. This hat is SPF 50 is stylish and cute for the beach.


  • This adorable blue and white floral maxi dress from Tuckernuck is fantastic, fun and great for summer and spring. Must have for the closet!


  • Rawlins Tretorns– You’ll be sporty & stylish, in these retro-inspired sneakers that are as comfortable as they are cool.

  • Flowers- Need we say more? Send her flowers monthly to bring lots of love and smiles to her face. We have lots of wonderful local florists (Hello- Fiore) and online we recommend FarmGirl Flowers.

  • Another great flower option are these Venus Et Fleur roses. They are pricey but LAST FOR OVER A YEAR, they are hand dried, stunning and smell great! My sisters and I went in on this for my mom once and she adored them.


  • Match Your Mini Love Bracelet Set– This is a fun, handmade beaded bracelet for all mamas and their sweet girls. This unique set offers an adorable ‘Love You’ and ‘Love You More’ to match your little one **Sidenote, there are lots of options for boy moms, aunts and grandmas!



  • Love this Rafia Clutch from Tuckernuck for all spring and summer long. It’s cute, and a great size!




  • Soma Cool Night Pajamas—What woman doesn’t love some wonderful, cozy pajamas that make her feel warm and loved?


  • Lake Pajamas– Speaking again of pajamas, Team PMC is a big fan of these pajamas as well; they are so cozy and take sleep to the next level! Now, they make them for kids and men, too!


  • Weezie Robe—If mom already has great pajamas, then a great robe is a must-have, too, and this one from Weezie is fantastic. Don’t fret if you want to keep the Lake Brand; here is another option from Lake.


  • Now that we are ALL in on the sleep and nighttime routine, you can’t skip over this adorable spa headband that you can monogram; this will bring all the relaxation before bed to the next level.


  • J.CREW: COTTON-LINEN BEACH SHIRT—This is a fantastic beach cover-up and summer tunic. It comes in several different color versions, so make sure to check them all out.


  • PMC Co-Owner Jen Kinsella highly recommends adding this bird camera to your yard and truly embracing and enjoying the bird life. She has LOVED having hers as a gift from her sons.


  • Don’t forget to include the birdseed… and we recommend this version because the squirrels don’t like it and will stay away!


  • Pensacola Insulated Tumber– More great Pensacola things! We can’t let you sneak past this adorable aqua tumbler from Artesana.


  • Speaking of a cups, does your mom have her own Stanley cup yet? If not, add to cart immediately! Every mama needs one of these!


  • Hatch– The all-in-one sleep better, wake up smoother, relax your mind, and for a gentle wake up each morning, YES PLEASE!


  • Have you heard all the rage about the HOKA tennis shoe? We can attest that every mom needs these for her feet.


  • Don’t forget a candle, these amazing LAFCO candles are not only pretty in the vase but they burn and smell fantastic!

  • Sun Safety from Sephora – All the sun safety favorites from SuperGoop at Sephora. Sun safety is so important all year long.


  • Bamboo Bangles from Julie Voss- These are so fun and adorable. Get a stack of 3 for a nice touch!


  • Straw Tote Bag from BTB Los Angeles for the beach, boat, and summer fun is great for mom and can be the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

  • Rare Beauty liquid blush from Sephora is a weightless, long-lasting liquid blush that blends and builds beautifully for a soft, healthy flush.


  • This Merit Cream Blush is another favorite of mine. My personal favorite color is Cheeky. It goes on great and lasts all day.



  • Blowdryers- THESE ARE IMPORTANT FOR MOM! This Shark Flexstyle drying system is fantastic and half the cost of the Dyson. Grab one with the attachments for her today.


  • These two’s company hydrangea frames are so sweet and such a special gift for any mom!


  • This Lululemon tennis skirt is great. I have them in various different colors and wear them all summer long.


  • If you have a mom who loves tennis and/or golf then these Lululemon pieces are great for her to wear. The quality and fabric is made for our hot, sweaty Florida summer.


Don’t forget you can SHOP THE COLLECTIVE too!

Don’t forget all moms love: Facials, Massages, Spa Packages, Manicures, Pedicures and truthfully anything that involves self-care!

Lastly, don’t forget about all our fabulous LOCAL businesses that have the BEST of the BEST for mom too.

Stop in and check out what they are offering for your special person.

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