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Ladies, I am not sure about you, but I sure do have some issues shopping now that I have a tot. Online shopping is definitely a friend, and I am a SUCKER for targeted ads online.  

Sometimes that can be hit or miss. But lately, I have found some real treasures that have garnered TONS of compliments and haven’t broken the bank (or made me go try to shop with a three-year-old in tow).

The best part, though? They are all on AMAZON, not an online boutique that may tout a pricier tag.

Green Batwing Maxi

This dress is a stunner y’all. I bought this for a wedding, but it can be dressed even more up or definitely a little more down. It was very comfortable and flattering.

Pink Pants

This is another HUGE hit. It is almost like wearing pajamas to work. I paired this with a white flutter-sleeved body suit and braided heels and was super comfortable all day (so much so that I bought a second pair in black plaid).

Rattan Clutch

Woven accessories have been a huge hit this summer, and this little clutch can go with ANYTHING or dress up ANYTHING. Highly recommend this $17 steal.

Tennis Dress

I have been on the fence about this trend mainly because, well, I do not play tennis.  However, I am loving that I decided to be a little daring. It is the perfect blend of athleisure and dressy. 

Plus, it has pockets.

Red Blazer

Finally, is this little gem! I wear a ton of cardigans to work, but sometimes I need to get a little more business formal, so a good blazer is a go-to. I have searched for a flattering red blazer for years and ran across this one in one of those sneaky targeted ads that have figured out my algorithm.  It is very flattering and a steal for under $50.

What are some of your fave Amazon fashion finds?

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