Eleanor Massey

Eleanor Massey
Eleanor was born and raised in Pensacola, and is a 2010 graduate of Florida State University. After college, she spent two years in Atlanta, where she met her husband Matthew, followed by seven years in the nation’s capital. It was there that Eleanor found her stride in the advertising and media industry. In 2018, after receiving the okay to work remotely for her company of seven years, Eleanor and Matthew said goodbye to frigid winters and relocated to the warmth of Pensacola. In 2020 they welcomed their daughter, Grace (10 months) and in August they’ll welcome a son. When she’s not hustling between her full-time job and keeping up with baby Grace and fur baby, Goose, she can be found enjoying the water, taking family strolls, learning to garden, exploring new recipes, and daydreaming about home improvement projects. Eleanor is passionate about the health and wellness of her family and friends and is dedicated to being a positive influence on those around her. She believes wholeheartedly that community is key to a fulfilled life and feels blessed to be apart of this wonderful place we have the privilege of calling home.

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