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I remember those days when I carried around a Cover Girl compressed powder pocket mirror to make sure my makeup was in place and had all the time in the world to retouch it. Then, babies came into the picture, and wearing makeup was history. After a couple of years, I realized that when my lips were hydrated, even while only smearing chapstick, I felt good. Even though I looked tired, my ‘plump’ lips stood out enough to cover my dark circles.

Just a simple touch of gloss on my lips on a Friday afternoon made me feel empowered and energized, so I began exploring the world of lipstick.

During this mask-wearing era, I refuse to stop caring about my facial feature that is seen the least. I, like all moms, don’t have time to be looking at myself in the mirror every 30 minutes either, and taking off my mask is out of the question. This is where the term ‘long lasting’ used by many makeup brands was put to the test. I enjoy the feel of all those beautiful and expensive lipsticks, but as soon as I press my lips into a glass of wine I know it’s the end of it.

Natural beauty is the trend that never dies, but we deserve to feel beautiful and carefree no matter the time or place. Believe me, no medical procedure is going to make you feel as good as wearing lipgloss with lip plumper or a bright pink long-lasting lipstick. Don’t be afraid of color or shimmer. If you are more conservative than adventurous, remember that this too should be part of your daily self-care routine because you deserve it!

I am no makeup pro but after experimenting with most lip brands in the market (found in Ulta and Sephora), wasting too much money, and a few embarrassing public fails, I have found my go-to lip products. They all have a wide range of colors to best fit your skin tone.

Here are the ones I use:

Mom on the Run

Buxom: Full-On Plumping Lip Cream 

& Power-Full Plump Lip Balm

Color- Blushing Margarita (+70 colors) & Big O

Price: $18 – $21

Review: I wear it every day! Makes your lips feel full and hydrated. The cream has a subtle yet delightful tingle (menthol) when you put it on. The natural tone helps brighten up your face while looking casual and effortless. It slowly wears off throughout the day. The Lip cream has more gloss than the balm.



Maybelline: Super Stay 24 liquid lipstick

Color: So Pearly Pink (+17 colors)

Price: $10.99

Review: LONG-LASTING! Color is light enough for daywear while still looking polished. It comes with a lip balm attached that you can use as needed to keep your lips hydrated throughout your day at work or through an entire work dinner. It lasts 5+ hours before having to retouch again. It’s been my go-to product for 15 years. I love every color, but darker colors might need to be retouched after 3 hours if you are eating and drinking.

Pool Parties

Maybelline: SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

Color: Romantic (bright pink)

Price: $9.49

Review: LONGEST LASTING! The colors are vibrant and make a statement. Carefree day at the beach or at the pool. Lips might feel a bit dry but can be hydrated with clear gloss, any lip balm, or the lip balm attached to the Super Stay 24 liquid lipstick (what I prefer).

Night on the Town

Maybelline: SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid

Color: Heroine (Bright red)

Review: As Great as the Romantic tone. I suggest you keep your eye makeup as natural as possible when wearing bright color lips.

Buxom: Full-On Plumping Lip Cream

Color: Mud Slide (+70 colors)

Review: I love how sophisticate and glossy my lips look with these ones. I suggest outlining your lips with a darker lip liner before applying. It is still a worry-free color but it will leave a slight mark on your beverage on the first sip. With these more natural colors, you can enhance your eyes with dark liquid liners and eyeshadows.

Mamas, we are worth it – whether we are pulling down long days at the office, running the kids to school and sports practice, or even wearing masks every day! A little color on your lips is guaranteed to make you feel beautiful – inside and out!

Do you have any favorite lip brands or go-to colors?

Share them with us in the comments!

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