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We are featuring moms right here in our local community to highlight the wonderful things they are doing as mothers, business owners, community members, and friends. We are grateful to our sponsor, KIA AutoSport of Pensacola, for supporting our mission of educating, encouraging, and empowering local moms through the lifelong journey of parenthood.

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Meet Shamika Griffin

Shamika GriffinHow many kids do you have and what are their ages?

I am the mother to six amazing children – five girls and a boy (ages 22, 19, 17, 14, 12, and 11).

What do you do for a living?

I am a Bakery Manager for Publix where I have been employed for 17 years now.

What do you do to reset and recharge, especially with the craziness of life right now?

With all that is going on right now, what I love to do most is cook and spend time with my kids. We sit around, laughing and joking with one another daily.

What do you like about raising a family here? 

The kindness and generosity of the people in this community. I was very afraid and nervous about what life would bring after my husband died suddenly, in his sleep, on January 4, 2020, but there have been some amazing people in Pensacola who have shown my family so much love.

Shamika GriffinWhat is challenging about raising a family here?

Raising kids in Pensacola can be hard at times with all the violence and anger that people display.

What is your favorite local thing to do/place to go?

I love going to the pier and watching the water. It is so calm and beautiful.

Is there a hidden gem in Pensacola you love?

I would have to say Mellow Mushroom Pizza. When my son was a patient at Studer Family Children’s Hospital at Ascension Sacred Heart, they donated pizza to the children’s hospital every week. It was the highlight of my son’s week!

How can Pensacola better serve you as a mom?

I would love to see more affordable after-school activities for the kids.

Shamika GriffinWhat piece of advice would you give to mothers right now?

Cherish your kids, love them, and let them know tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone.

Tell us about your favorite thing to do in your downtime?

My favorite downtime thing to do is to watch Law and Order SVU and cook.

Anything else you would like us to know about yourself that makes you uniquely you?

I’m a very optimistic and positive person. I will do anything for anyone. It makes my heart complete to do for others.
Shamika Griffin
Shamika and her family at a Rally Pensacola Christmas event.

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