Scrolling for Solutions: An Expecting Mom’s Guide to Finding Answers Locally and on Social Media


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I had the honor of becoming a mom in August of last year. But for nine months before then, I was knee-deep in research, trying to find the best resources and right answers to all my “new mom” questions.

If you know me, this is no surprise. It’s how I handle the unpredictable. 

Spoiler alert: very rarely are there “right” or “one size fits all” answers.

However, I’m the type of person that feels most in control and calm if I’ve done some research and can at least feel like I know what I’m getting myself into. Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube became classrooms for me. I avoided moms’ groups and open commentary because it was too much for me to read the experience of hundreds of other women.

This was a hard boundary for me. 

I was learning about wake windows, breastfeeding, parenting styles, what to expect in labor and delivery, and bamboo PJs (why am I so into Little Sleepies???) all throughout my pregnancy.

There is a LOT of information out there.

I preferred learning through Instagram as it provided smaller snippets I found easier to digest and remember. Many of the folks below also have websites etc., but I’ve linked their social page that I primarily used. I found the voices I liked the most were the ones that agreed there is no right answer or were just sharing straight facts. No scare tactics, no judgment, just support.

Here’s some I think every expecting mom can appreciate: 

Baby Sleep

Starting with a hot topic. This is one that it was important for me to tread lightly because there are some strong opinions and several options. The places I found to be the most neutral about whether you want to sleep teach, cosleep, or a combo of the two are where I spent most of my time. I had no idea you have to wake up a newborn for feeds or what an overtired/under-tired baby looked like.

These are the corners of the internet that felt more like love and support than anything else: 

Alice with Cozy Baby Sleep 
Taking Cara Babies

And locally, Sarah Walton with Bella Luna Family is an amazing coach who will take your call and hold your hand when you’re hitting a wall and drop hot tips, like making the nightlight red to help your baby sleep. 


A fed baby is the best baby, and no one is here to argue that. If you’re planning on breastfeeding, I found that I was spending more time preparing for labor and delivery, which might take a few days, than I was preparing for breastfeeding, which I hoped to do for months and months.

These social accounts provided classes and valuable information to figure out where to get started.

The Breastfeeding Mentor
Legendairy Milk

Locally, first and foremost, while at the hospital, ask for the lactation consultant on staff. Mine was an absolute rockstar that got me and my baby started when it seemed he didn’t want to latch, and a sassy nurse even called him a “lazy eater.” We just needed a little help from a nipple shield to get started, and we were good to go.

I am forever thankful for the consultant that was right there in the hospital. 

Next up, we have local legend Kendall Vaughn. She accepts insurance, will come to you at home if you have any concerns or if you (like me) just wanted to make sure you were doing this right, and God bless her, answers texts months down the road, and you still have questions. 

Labor and Delivery

I needed ALL the nitty gritty details. The details that only your sister or a medical professional could tell you. I don’t do well with surprises, so I learned every possible outcome of how this kid was going to get Earthside.

Natural birth? Epidurals? Scheduled C-section? Induction?

Starting out, I didn’t really know my options or, more importantly, what my rights were as the patient. These accounts helped me figure out what to expect, what I could ask for, and how to negotiate certain parts of labor and delivery. I was able to go into my scheduled induction and request a lower dose of pitocin to get started just because, from these accounts, I knew that I could ask. 

The people I found most helpful here were women who are mothers and have been through it themselves but are also labor and delivery nurses, so they could provide all the technical vocabulary and background information.

MacKenzie on Motherhood
The Labor Mama
Mommy Labor Nurse

Locally, the hospitals offer birth classes and tours. I highly recommend doing a walk-through of the labor and delivery unit where you’ll be going. We found it so helpful to know exactly where to go when it was go time. 

West Florida

General Baby Care

Moms on Call is a pretty famous book, but they also have online classes, blogs, and social accounts that provide a ton of information for free. This is where I turn for questions about runny noses, rashes, milestones, etc. They’re kind of a catch-all for all things kids. 

Locally, I came across a lifesaver I didn’t know I needed. I had planned for a natural birth and hired a doula to coach me through it. While we didn’t make it to that point, I still felt very comfortable with the choices I made that got my son here.

However, I ended up not using my doula’s services at the hospital. It turns out she also offers in-home check-ins and assistance immediately following birth. She let me use the hours instead when she came to our home and sat with my baby for several hours at night so my husband and I could get some much-needed sleep in those first few weeks. She’d bring the baby to me to nurse if needed, and I can’t think of many people I would have felt more comfortable caring for my newborn than a doula.

Not all doulas offer this, but here are some to check out: 

Birthing Tree
Belly to Cradle

I’m a strong believer that women should feel prepared and empowered when giving birth.

This is what worked for me.

I loved knowing my rights, my Plan A, B, C, and then some, and having an amazing team (my husband, doula, OBGYN, hospital) that knew what I wanted.

I hope some of these resources do the same for some of you!

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