Karyn Scarbrough

Karyn Scarbrough
Karyn Scarbrough is a Sagitarrius, Enneagram 7, and Florida native. Originally from Panama City she headed to Pensacola for university. After spending some time living and teaching abroad she came back to Pensacola in 2015 to put down roots. In the scary but wonderful world of online dating she met the most patient man, Robert, married him, and they welcomed their son Simon to the world in August of 2022. Karyn spent a decade in the classroom before opening her tutoring business, Rising Minds Learning, in downtown Pensacola. She has a passion for equitable education, civic duty and engagement, and loves being involved in her community. When she’s not figuring out how to run a business, take care of her new kiddo, and constantly figuring out what to eat for dinner, you can find her at CivicCon events, doing yoga, and planning her next international trip with her best friend. Just like every other mom she’s trying to figure out how to juggle it all and doing her best to stay present.
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