PMC Book Club Review: Mad Honey


The cover of the book Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult with the words Book Club Pick and the Pensacola Mom Collective Book Club logoIs unconditional love a reality- whether it be with your spouse, parent, or even your child? 

This underlying question kept recurring throughout each individual storyline that ultimately intersects in Jodi Picoult and Finney Boylan’s co-authored novel, Mad Honey.

In typical Picoult fashion, she uses her protagonists to tackle extensive societal debates. This latest novel is told from the perspectives of two protagonists, Olivia McAfee and her son’s girlfriend, Lily Campanello.

The varying viewpoints initially allow the readers to understand that both women are veterans of second chances.

Olivia’s second chance came in the form of her rewritten life in the post-aftermath of an abusive marriage. Lily’s second chance is found in the form of the hope of a peaceful final year in high school post multiple traumatic experiences prior.

Then, just like Picoult always does, there is a shift. 

Lily is dead. 

Olivia’s son, Asher, is arrested for murder.

Everything changes. 

Although she fights for her son with the help of her brother, who is a renowned attorney, Olivia must battle feelings of doubt and trust.

Can she believe him if the evidence may prove otherwise? 

Could she love him even if he is guilty?

The novel starts with the epigraph, “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”  (Søren Kierkegaard)

It is precisely correct for the novel and the characters within its almost 500 pages. 

Mad Honey was our PMC Book Club’s summer pick. When discussed, the idea of unconditional love was a hot topic. 

What does it mean to love without holding anything back, to love a person no matter how different they may be from the person you thought you knew?

We welcome you to read this topical novel and to also join us for our August Book Club’s pick Wrong Place, Wrong Time  by Gillian McAllister. 

We meet on August 31 at Bodacious Bookstore. 

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Cover of the book, "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" by Gillian McAllister.


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