The Joy of Great Grandparents


The experience of having great-grandparents while growing up is truly a miraculous thing. The wisdom, stories, and memories they impart are invaluable and contribute a wealth of information on family history. Great-grandparents provide a unique perspective on life, and the decades of history they have lived through offer an insight into the evolution of society and culture.

Their stories are a treasure trove of knowledge and serve as a link between generations.

Through their past and experiences, we gain an incredibly deeper understanding of our heritage and ancestry. What makes them an even greater treasure is knowing that not everyone is afforded the same luxury and that our time with them is fleeting.

Mother’s Day with my Great Grandma May, Grandma Pitsch, my mom, and myself.

Having time to grow up with my great-grandparents still with us gave me a sense of continuity and stability. In a world that is constantly changing, in my world of a fractured family, they provided a sense of grounding and tradition. By being present, they continually create a sense of belonging and connection to something greater than us. I began my life with three living great-grandparents and was blessed to have two of them in my life for almost two decades.

My children have and continue to have time with their great-grandparents, and I couldn’t be more overjoyed.

Pie-making with Great Grandma Pitsch is an annual tradition.

Making pies, playing cards, watching sports, or working in the garden are all activities my kids experience with their great-grandparents. These activities are so similar to the ones I also had with my grandparents, and it also helps to make more connections with them as I relay how I used to be able to do the same things with the same people and even in the same house or at the same church.

Always playing cards with Great Grandpa Pitsch, rarely winning.

Accordingly, the bond between great-grandparents and their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren is a testament to the power of family. The love and affection they have for their family is unconditional and pure. They offer comfort and security that cannot be found elsewhere because they have witnessed many changes, highs and lows, challenges, and joy.

Four of the great-grandparents my children were blessed with.

Finally, the miracle of having great-grandparents in one’s life cannot be overstated and should never be taken for granted. In a world of fleeting time, being blessed with a multiple-generation family is not something everyone can experience.

Their presence offers a sense of continuity, wisdom, and a deep bond with friends and family. We are truly blessed to have them in our lives.

Oma Domoslay, Great Gram Bush, Great Grandpa Pitsch, and Great Grandpa Mulder.




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