What Type of Cargo E-Bike is Right for Me?


A cargo e-bike on a neighborhood streetLast September my partner looked at me and said something I thought was nuts, bonkers, insane, kooky, dare I say, ridiculous?

He suggested I get a cargo e-bike for commuting and sell my car.

Then, like a punch to the gut, my car insurance premiums doubled overnight. It seemed like a sign. I started researching e-bikes for families. I wondered if I could be one of those chic mamas who totes her gorgeous children around town on two to three wheels.

After obsessing over it for a few weeks, I took the plunge and became an e-bike mama.

Here I am toting two beautiful children to school…

The cover protects the kids from wind and rain.

Knowing what I know now, I would’ve loved another mom’s guidance in choosing the right type of cargo bike for my lifestyle and taste.

The first decision to make is whether you prefer the mini-van vibe or the sleek “bike look?” Do you have multiple kids? What age are they?

For example, if you have several kids in car seats, you’d probably look for a front-loader cargo bike. If you’re not into the caravan vibe, then I’d recommend a longtail. A longtail is simply a cargo bike that rides like a regular bicycle but can carry a load in the back. That “load” can be groceries, work gear, or kids. There are zillions of combinations.

If you decide on a box bike (similar to the one I have), you have to choose between two and three wheels. Two wheels are more sporty and allow you to ride faster, smoother, and longer.

Three wheels are great for moms who want a more laid-back vibe or who need extra space for kiddos when going to the park, making a big grocery order, or even picking kiddos up in the car rider line. 

My sweet old girl along for a grocery pickup order.

You might be coming up with protests about why you can’t get an e-bike, and that’s another conversation I’d love to have.

I came up with every objection under the sun, and one by one, those resistances came tumbling down. Since getting the family e-bike, I feel healthier, and I rent my car on Turo as a side hustle.

It’s rare that I wave to another woman while riding. I would love to see Pensacola filled with mamas like you on bikes!

Hit me up if you’re looking for support or want to help me start my own mama bike gang!


  1. I love this. I also recently got a cargo bike in the Pensacola area. I went with a used Madsen cycle, a great family owned company out of Utah. It is a long tail with a bucket on the back for cargo; kids, pets, groceries, you name it. Sadly we are moving from the area in May but I would have loved to have a cargo bike family meet up while I was here.


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