Hannah Domoslay-Paul

Hannah was born and raised in West Michigan and made the move to Pensacola in 2015 with her oldest four boys after being widowed. Now remarried and with two more lovely children added to the family, a girl and boy, she spends her days trying to keep it together, usually with duct tape and ingenuity. During her daily hours spent serving as a taxi driver she often muses about how lost the world would be without moms and wonders if she’ll ever go a week without playing a game of “What’s That Smell” around her house and car. Hannah is an adult with ADHD, the daughter of an alcoholic, and the survivor of child abuse who doesn’t have too many off limits topics. She is a lover of books, sarcastic humor, and old houses and all three come in handy as she constantly works on projects in and around her 1866 Folk Victorian.

More Life, Less Stuff: 5 Tips For Getting Organized and Clearing the Clutter

I honestly can’t count the number of times I have tried and failed to add up the hours I’ve spent cleaning, organizing, and purging stuff from our house, but it is likely in the...

The Struggle of Being a Doer

Living a balanced life while in service to others. "Hello, my name is Hannah, and I'm a doer." I've often imagined an AA-type support group for people, like myself, who live their lives as chronic...

Having the Alcohol Conversation with Tweens and Teens

Did you know that it’s recommended a parent starts talking with their child about alcohol and underage drinking at age 9? Talking to my tweens and teens about alcohol is pretty high on my to-do...

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