Digging Deep: Becoming An Active Citizen (In A Way That Makes Sense For You)




In some way, we all want to do something in our community that has a meaning, purpose, and reach. Our ideas can often be lofty, and with an ever increasingly busy schedule, it can feel unattainable.

You have to ask yourself, “is it because it takes too much effort and time?” Or better yet, “am I approaching this all wrong?”

More than ever, we want to make a difference in the world. That can feel overwhelming, and it is. Yet maybe we need to redefine the parameters of said “world.” Often, if we switch our focus, we realize it can be done and today is just as good as any to begin!

We live in a time now where tomorrow almost feels like old news. It’s ever more difficult to make a meaningful impact. Though, like the nature of the jungle, some things never change. First and foremost, people need food in their stomachs, clothes on their backs, and a roof over their heads. The first two requisites are usually the easiest to take action on. The third, maybe not so much.

Aside from these usual avenues, there are actually many other ways to make a difference in your community. 

Have you ever considered taking the initiative to get more involved in the actual fabric of the day-to-day running of where you live? Your street, neighborhood, city, county, and local government are actually living breathing entities of our daily existence that we assume is a given. Buses run, parks are maintained, flags fly, etc., and life goes on every day. How about taking it a step or two further?

Ways To Get Involved In Your Community:

Tried and True – Food banks and other donation centers.

Neighborhood Associations – If you don’t have one, get one started. The feel-good activities within the neighborhood actually contribute to our physical and mental well-being. By default, it usually has those affected taking those same vibes into other areas of their lives. 

From the Heart – Choose a cause near and dear to you, find groups that support it, and help make others aware by making it a feature at a party or doing a drive to collect money or goods for the cause. 

Speak Up – Speak to causes that directly affect your community’s quality of life, generally influenced by your local government, by writing a letter to the mayor and your councilperson and see what local groups are actively doing about it.  

Show up – Attend public meetings that affect your community-at-large and speak up. Get your neighbors and friends involved. 

Small Ways – Find small ways to make a difference and get your kids involved, like cleaning up at a local park or leaving chalk art for neighbors or local workers making a difference. You’d be surprised how far “a little” will go. 

Time – Your most valuable asset is your time. Schedule it and make it happen. If you’re willing to invest yourself in anything, you can’t go wrong!

After the last year and with all the promise of tomorrow, how do you think you can be a more active citizen in your community?

If we are willing to take a little bit of time to spread a little more love in some new and effective ways, what’s to say we can’t help our world be a better place?

More importantly, why can’t we be a more integral part of improving our children’s future and all the children in our community? It’s the intricacies of a mother’s thought and care that truly nurture the child. Let’s take it that step further and nurture the fabric of Pensacola at large and be glad we chose to.

Oh, and don’t forget to put it on your calendar!


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