Disclaimer: A Non Pinterest-Worthy Holiday


messy holiday tableLet’s put aside for a minute that stores seem to put all holiday merchandise out 2+ months ahead, pushing the inevitable anxiety of “should I or shouldn’t I?” when it comes to pulling the decorations out of the attic.  

But this discussion is going to dive a little deeper than the ongoing, never-ending Christmas decoration aisles at Hobby Lobby or the “I didn’t know I needed this” item in the Dollar Spot section at Target. It gets me every time! WHY?!

Our family holidays were almost always spent at my grandmother’s house when I was growing up – deep in tradition, stress, eggshell walking, love, and now sweet memories. My grandmother wanted us there for every holiday; she would cook and bake and she loved giving us catalogs to circle what we wanted for Christmas or birthdays.

Every table was set perfectly, every dish was carefully planned, and she expected us to sit around the table to talk to her while all was being prepared. She even made it a point to have these holiday-themed poppers on our plates that we most certainly had to bust open before anyone was served a portion of her delicious meal. Of course, cupcakes from the night before were a must for breakfast the next morning (Grammy’s orders)!!

With these memories of childhood past comes sweetness mixed with questioning.

I believe the ever-growing social media world we’re now in can be both helpful and harmful when creating true, meaningful traditions in your home.

My grandmother lived in the world of Southern Living catalogs and cookbooks. We live in a world of IG squares and FB posts.

So, as I’ve entered adulthood… and now motherly adulthood, it has become quite apparent that my desire for the “perfect holiday” needs to exist far outside of the Instagram pictures or the DIYers of Pinterest.

What is the saying, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

I’ve completed a social media cleanse once or twice, especially since the onset of Covid. What is that, you ask? Ah, it helps clear out the little green monster that is so cleverly called ENVY. Big truths! I have caught myself living in the comparison realm and stepping far away from the Dave Ramsey way of living (okay, so I’m not that strict, but we’re trying).

Is it a need?

Will it break the bank?

Can you wait?

Can you save for it? 

This holiday season, I want to challenge you to these few questions. To know that the traditions you create in your home are precious and valued and will be remembered by your kids and grandkids.

Strive to be content and comfortable in your season of life.

If Pinterest-worthy is your forte (and in your budget), my challenge is that the memory you create during these next few months not be compared with what you have or what you may not have.

Instead, fill the memory with JOY.


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