Amanda Macon

Amanda is the mom to two kiddos (7rs and 11mos) and married to one supportive husband who is also the comic relief in their household. She is a Kindergarten teacher and former High School Cheer Coach. All background aside, Pensacola has been her home for 30 years and she feels so blessed to have the opportunity to share her crazy life and words of wisdom not only with our Pensacola moms but all those that are in the meat of this season of life - we can do this!

Teachers Unite: Know Your “Why”

Another school year is inching to a close. As we approach the end of a year of what so many are still calling "unprecedented" times, I hope this post doesn't blend in with the...

Pregnancy Loss and Infertility: Our Silent Journey

"When are you having another one?" "When is your daughter going to be a big sister?" "Ready for #2?" Or the best one of all, "Keep trying!" These are all words and pointers no one going...

Disclaimer: A Non Pinterest-Worthy Holiday

Let’s put aside for a minute that stores seem to put all holiday merchandise out 2+ months ahead, pushing the inevitable anxiety of “should I or shouldn’t I?” when it comes to pulling the...

Reading Log for Moms: Find Your Love (And the Time) To Read Again

  The kids are in bed. The dishes are done. Lunches are packed. It’s time to unwind with a good book… “If it were only this simple?” Isn’t that what you’re thinking? So how do we go...

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