Spring Cleaning with Kids: Age-Appropriate Tasks


Is anyone else ready for Spring? I know I am. Along with warmer weather, longer days, and more time outside in general, I also love to have a clean, fresh home ready for Spring, and it’s the main reason I love spring cleaning.

Mom and daughter spring cleaning

(If you have someone that comes and cleans, you may think this article isn’t for you, but it is. I think it’s for everyone.)

Who needs cleaning motivation?

Most of you are probably moms, and sometimes it’s not fun to clean. I get my motivation from watching cleaning reels on Instagram and videos on Tik Tok because something about watching someone else clean motivates me to clean.

Music also helps, right?

Last year I wrote two articles on purging [HERE] and [HERE]. This year I wanted to follow up with a post on how you can get your entire family involved in spring cleaning.

The great thing is YOU get to decide how much spring cleaning you do. What works for you may not work for someone else. Use your time and energy on the things that bring you peace. I love to have a clean family room and a clean master bedroom, and for someone else, it may be a spotless kitchen. 

I’ve asked some moms on Facebook and group text messages what age-appropriate chores/cleaning tasks your kids can do, and I wanted to share that list with you today.  

Please always remember that just because your child is in one age category, they may still not be able to do those tasks. For example, my oldest daughter is 12 months and six days older than my oldest son. She could clean our house from top to bottom, cook all the meals, and run our household. However, my 12-year-old son doesn’t even know how to wash dishes properly (we are working on it). 

I also have a 3-year-old, and while she can’t clean, she helps us. That keeps her occupied, and right now, it’s all fun and games for her. So even though there are tasks for toddlers, remember that you will probably have to go back behind them, but it keeps them busy while you Spring Clean.

Age-Appropriate Tasks

Tips and Tricks for Spring Cleaning

Take breaks or even break up the cleaning throughout the week. Sometimes when the kids help clean, it’s not to our liking, which is okay. If they slowly learn how to clean the right way, we set them up for adulthood, which is one of the main goals in life: allowing our kids to grow up and take care of themselves. Be patient with them and make it fun. If you constantly complain about cleaning, they will start to be the same way.

Have fun, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

As always, if you think something needs to be added to the list, reach out to me on Instagram and let me know.

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