Valentine’s Day Activities for the Fam


Blog post title. Pink with decorative heartsValentine’s Day brings a welcome burst of pink to winter. As a parent, it feels like there’s so much love that it would be a crime not to honor it! 

Here are some fun ways to celebrate LOVE.

A Day of Service

Decide on a service project and include all the kids. Do you have an elderly neighbor with an unruly yard? Introduce yourself and explain that you’re trying to teach the kids about giving back to the community. Then, ask what they’d like you to do in the yard or around the house. Showing your kids how to give back is way better than telling them. 

Handmade Valentines

I know none of us have time for homemade cards, but hear me out. You (or better yet, the kids) can cut out hearts in all shapes and sizes and then decorate them with fun stickers and designs. There is probably a plethora of art supplies leftover from well-intentioned holiday gift-givers or even shiny wrapping paper that hasn’t been put away. If I’m feeling fancy, I love to repurpose sheet music from the thrift store. Writing love messages on cards is a wonderful way for my daughter to practice handwriting in a meaningful way. The key is to space the writing out over time so it doesn’t all have to be done at the 11th hour on February 13th. 

I have always been overwhelmed by the thought of holiday cards, but at the start of the New Year, it eases my winter blues to send greetings of love. It feels less forced. These cute printables from MALWEST Design can get you started if you need some inspiration.

Create Love in the Kitchen

Pick up brownie mix from the store, some Cupid-themed plates, and red hots or candy hearts. Create little plates of treats for neighbors, coworkers, or even just the kitchen counter.


Decorate your home with a pre-made garland or a fun heart wreath! It’s your legit excuse to turn your home into a red and pink oasis.

Want a pink welcome mat? Totally cool.

Care to set your table with bare-bummed cupid placemats? Completely normal.

Just for Mom

And if you’re the type that immediately turns on the explicit lyrics playlist after dropping your kids in the car rider line (please send me a message if you are), you have to listen to “Happy Valentine’s Day” by OutKast this coming February 14th.

{Just be mindful, as the lyrics are for mature ears only!}

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be ALL about the kids?




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