Monique Cossich

Monique Cossich
Originally from Lafayette, Louisiana, Monique and her family moved to Pace from Nacogdoches, Texas, in 2018. She is wife to Marc and forever mom to Laine (9) and Wyatt (5). Her mom, Rosie, moved in with the Cossich Krewe in June 2020. Monique is passionate about learning and is currently on the Admissions team at the University of West Florida. When her journey to “mommy-hood” became difficult, she and Marc pursued adoption through foster care. Since 2011 the Cossich Krewe has been blessed with 18 foster children. Her pom-poms shake for the New Orleans Saints and the New York Yankees. You will probably find Monique at the ballpark or the football field, depending on the time of year, handing out her special PBJs and snacks. She loves being a sports mom and every exhausting thing that comes with that title! Monique is a “what you see is what you get” girl - she is all about being raw and honest!
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