Kara James

Kara James moved to the Pensacola area when she was ten years old. She considers herself from here. She married her high school sweetheart in 2008, and they have four wonderful children together (all boys): Kohlton (10), Kason (9), Korbin (2), and Kallen (1). She works one day a week as a hairstylist. She loves her job and believes its more fun than work. In her free time, she enjoys river days with her family, movie nights, and of course, jamming out to New Kids on the Block. She tries to make the best of everything and enjoys being around friends and family.

Are You a Reactor?

Anyone that knows me knows I am a yeller. I talk loud, whether I am in a happy mood or feeling sad. It also means I yell even if my children are not in...

The Reality of Childhood Cancer

I used to think that childhood cancer was rare - maybe one in a million children. I'll probably never even know someone with it. Right? That is exactly what I had thought before my son...

Are My Children Behind?

When I became a mother, I never realized all of the things that would occupy my thoughts. My thoughts are 90 to nothing and all around the world. I think about things as mundane...

The Truth About Head Lice

Lice. My head itches just saying that word out loud. Ugh...anyone else? There are many old wives' tales and superstitions about prevention and treatment. Which ones work? What is the most effective? Do you need to...

Marriage: Weathering the Storm

My husband and I were together for nine years before we got married. Nearly a decade of dating made us feel like we were prepared for anything we might face during our marriage. We...
Super Kohlton

Not My Child

I still remember everything about that moment. The doctor came into our hospital room and said, "Your child has cancer. He needs treatment. There is a sense of urgency here." I will never forget...

When the Unexpected Happens

Life is crazy. Everything seems to be going well. It may be busy and chaotic. You may feel like you are running nonstop, but overall it is going smoothly. Then bam! Something unexpected hits you. Maybe...