Casey Swindler

Casey was born and raised in Peru, Illinois and moved to Pace in the summer of 2020. She is a Navy pilot wife, mama to three little boys, and a speech language pathologist. Her personal experience with the field of speech pathology led her on her journey to pursue a Master of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology. She graduated from Florida State University’s distance learning program in 2018, all the while juggling deployments, a toddler climbing on her, and a newborn baby. She is currently putting work outside of the home on hold and blessed to stay at home with their 3 young boys, Callan (3), Benjamin (2), Kolbe (2 months). Her passion to educate and empower parents about all things speech, language, and literacy development inspired her to start a Facebook group called Building Bridges. When she’s not making snacks, you can find her hiking a trail with her boys and husband, Brandon, watching YouTube videos to learn how to grow herbs and vegetables, or drinking copious amounts of coffee. She is excited to combine her love for family and motherhood with her love for writing.

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