Victoria Wright

Victoria Wright
Victoria, like most women, is many things. She is/has been a Texan, an Aggie, a military spouse, a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, a creative, a photographer, a woman of faith, and always on the go. Her favorite things to be are wife, to husband Zach, and mom to Trey, Blakely, Lily and EJ.

How to Be an Ally

This August, I celebrate my 12th wedding anniversary. To some, that is the blink of an eye. For others, it is a milestone worthy of reaching. To me, it is both. (Spoiler alert… not...

The Inner Storm of a Hurricane

I am, and will forever be, a Texas girl. I have salsa in my veins, and my favorite drink is a margarita. And Mexican food is the 5th main food group in our house. I...

A Birthday is Always Special

I wrote the words below seven years ago. I pause as I write *that.* I can’t believe it has been seven years since we welcomed two girls into our family and then said goodbye...

Advice You Can Use…And I Needed

I have a saying when it comes to the number of children I have: One kid plus one kid equals two kids. Two kids plus one kid equals three kids. Three kids plus one kid equals a...

Mom Bosses Are My Favorite Thing

One of my favorite things in the world is seeing someone’s dreams come true. American Idol's finale and the confetti bombs, tears, and performances get me every time. The final bows of the halftime...

The 5 Best Beach Day Hacks

Beach days are my favorite days. For me, they rival Disney trips in the suck-you-in-with-lots-of-preparation-but-the-family-time-is-worth-it kind of way. I still have the fondest memories of family beach vacations to Corpus Christi, Texas filled with...
the things we tell ourselves

The Things We Tell Ourselves

As a mom of four, my day typically starts with a wide-eyed child inches from my nose asking for early morning TV or some extra snuggles in mommy’s bed. We run the spectrum in this...