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My Daughter Has a Mental Health Diagnosis

What I said: "Sometimes, you just can't do what is only best for you." But society says: "Always choose you first." "Always make yourself a priority." "If Mama isn't happy, nobody is happy." AND I AGREE. Not choosing what was best...

Studer Community Institute Labors in the Brain-Building Business

I often tell people that I work in the construction business.  But instead of building residential or commercial structures, I help build babies’ brains, the most important construction project we have in our community. As project...
Untying the Knot. An Expert Series on Divorce in Pensacola

Untying the Knot: The Case Starts

You have made the tough decision, or the decision has been made by your spouse, that you are divorcing. In the middle of all the mixed emotions you are dealing with, the five stages...

Understanding the Holy Month of Ramadan

Growing up and celebrating our Holy days, with all their traditions, is the best time of the year in Egypt. It brings the same joy as the Christmas season here in the United States. However,...

Untying the Knot :: Step One – Tough Decisions

As a divorce lawyer, I get phone calls and referrals straight to my office from people I don’t know. But, most often, the first time I have contact with someone in the middle of...

Infertility: Searching For Answers When There Is No Explanation

From the earliest days of our relationship, my husband Bryan and I knew we wanted to have children and often talked about how excited we were to become a Mom and a Dad. We...

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