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Living local my entire life has given me the opportunities to meet and work with amazing people. A few years back, I had the unique opportunity to meet a woman named Sarah Ellis. That ran My Father’s Arrows and helped local foster children that had no place to turn. Like me, she has lived in this community her entire life. After talking, we learned not only had she been raised in this community, but she grew up with my husband. It always gives me those small-town chills when all the connections line up.

I’ve grown to know Sarah quite well over the last few years, and I’ve come to learn all about My Father’s Arrows. If you’re like many of my friends, you may have never heard of My Father’s Arrows.

My Father’s Arrows is a ministry to orphans/fosters providing advocacy, provision, and support to abused, neglected, and abandoned children. 

Specific to foster care, they educate the community on the children’s needs, recruit more caregivers and advocates for the children, and procure child-specific resources to help them reach their maximum potential.

Their Children’s Home affectionately called “Mama’s House,” is a safe, loving, trauma-informed Christian home. “Mama’s House” is a private placement children’s home for boys and girls ages 0-17 who have been abused, neglected, abandoned, rejected, or are otherwise struggling with the impact of their traumatic experiences. These children are often struggling with negative behaviors, rebellion, academic issues, and dysfunctional attachments. They provide 24-hour supervision, high structure, and low relational pressure that the children of trauma need to thrive. 

When I asked Sarah about the impetus behind starting MFA, she said, “We started MFA because we had the heart to do more for the children who had been abused/neglected/abandoned/rejected. We knew that there were children who fell through the cracks. Our local foster system was overwhelmed with the number of children who needed homes. We knew some children aged out of the system without the connections, skills, and supplies they needed for success, and we knew some caregivers and parents needed support. The community needed more information and education about the challenges and needs of the children. We wanted to change things. Hope to the hopeless, care to the lonely, compassion to the broken, love to the invisible.”

I ask you to join my family and me this year as we support our local foster community.

There are many ways you can help support this organization year-round. If you want to change the life of a child this Christmas, consider sponsoring a child at MFA. Every gift matters. Gifts of $25, $50, or even $100 every month could help cover the cost of raising a child at MFA. These gifts provide food, clothing, medical care, education, and experiences throughout the year. If a monetary donation is not possible, please contact them about volunteer opportunities available.

You could also join My Father’s Arrow as they present A Night At Our Children’s Home. There will be a theater production, Live Nativity Scene, dinner and caroling, and hot chocolate!

My Father's Arrows Christmas FundraiserWhat can you do to help?



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