Switching Schools and Exploring FLVHS: A Mom’s Journey

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Decorative image with the title "educating pensacola: pre-K to college and beyond"As a part of the Pensacola Mom Collective, I wanted to share our family’s experience with school transitions and the unique educational journey we’ve embarked upon for our tenth-grader.

Our daughter has been attending private school for the last five years. We faced a dilemma when she told us she wanted to try dual enrollment (a combination of high school and college courses). Her current school did not offer this option. And she was not keen on transitioning to public school full-time.

Moreover, her aspiration to play college sports meant we needed a solution that aligned with college rules, making homeschooling a challenging choice.

A great suggestion came my way during a local mom’s group meeting. We learned that she could enroll in a public school, play volleyball, and only attend one in-person class per day. This would allow the school to maintain all her records while giving her the flexibility she needed.

After consulting with the school and getting invaluable insights from the assistant principal, guidance counselor, and experienced moms, we charted out a plan.

She’s now dual enrolled and takes additional courses through Florida Virtual School (FLVS).

Her daily routine involves attending one physical class at the local high school and managing the rest virtually from home. It’s a packed schedule, especially since she can’t drive yet, but she’s a go-getter.

Now, I understand this arrangement isn’t a one-size-fits-all. While it’s perfect for our ambitious tenth-grader, I’m not sure it’ll be the right fit for our eighth-grader in the future.

But for families like ours, where both parents work (in our case, running a CPA business), this hybrid high school/online/dual enrollment model has been a game-changer. It gives our daughter the freedom to take honors classes online and get dual-enrollment credit while offering us more family time with her.

This could be the golden middle for parents leaning towards homeschooling but daunted by its guidelines.

Our daughter has just 2 1/2 years of high school left, and while we’re still figuring out the specifics of her educational journey, this arrangement has been a blessing. It’s given us precious one-on-one time, especially when our other three kids aren’t around.

Seven months in, and we love it. She is a night owl and does much of her work at night time. We get to see our daughter during the day, eat lunch with her, and spend great quality time with her.

Steps We Took To Enroll in FLVHS

FLVS Flex (not full-time):

  1. Review Requirements: Ensure you meet the residency, age, academic, and technology requirements on the FLVS Enrollment page.
  2. Start Your Application: Go to the FLVS website and click “Enroll” in the top navigation. Select “FLVS Flex Grades K-12” and choose “Enroll in 6-12.” If you’re a new student, click “New Students Start Here.”
  3. Create Account & Complete Application: Follow the on-screen instructions to create an account and complete the application. Be sure to upload all required documents, like proof of residency, immunization records, and transcripts (if applicable).
  4. Course Selection & Approval: Choose and submit your desired courses for approval. If you’re a homeschool student, you’ll need approval from your district homeschool office.

Lastly, a shoutout to our public schools and their administration. They’ve been incredibly supportive, proving they are more than willing to tailor educational experiences for those students who might not fit the “traditional” mold.

Always remember to explore all options, communicate with your child, and make informed decisions.

The right path might be just around the corner!


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