Cristin Peterson

Cristin Peterson
Cristin is a mompreneur who is passionate about trying to find the elusive balance between all the hats moms wear within a day. She is living her dream come true (not to be confused with perfect!) life. This includes operating the family business with her husband, taking full advantage of all the wonder and craziness that comes with parenting two daughters under 5, and enjoying a home life that is enriched with live-in grandparents! Beyond the daily hustle, beach days, family movie nights, and Disney trips are her cherished retreats. Cristin is a servant leader at heart who has a desire to be successful and use that success to build connections with her community and create a legacy for her family. But ultimately, being a mom will always be her greatest accomplishment.
Red eggs and easter food served on a table

Easter from a Greek Orthodox Mom’s View

I remember the first time I stepped into a Greek Orthodox church. If you’ve never been inside an Orthodox church or witnessed a Divine Liturgy, I hope my words encourage you to experience it...