How to Prepare for the First Week of School



Art work of a little girl and school supplies ready for the first week of schoolMore than likely if you are reading this blog post you have children that are about to start school. No matter what age pre-k to high school (maybe even college) getting back into a routine of going to school is sometimes hard. Keep reading to find true and tested ways on how to prepare for the first week of school.

Remember the Past and Plan for the Present

I want you to remember when you were a little kid and attending school. Think back to the time before school or that first week of school. What do you remember the most?

I remember being excited and ready for school to start, new school supplies, the excitement of seeing old friends and making new ones. I don’t remember the hectic crazy mornings or the times we almost missed the bus.

My parents had implemented a lot of these tips and I didn’t even know it. Hopefully using some of these tips will help you prepare for a smooth transition for back to school.

Preparing for the First Week of School

To make the transition from summer to back to school the easiest it’s always best to prepare as much as you can the week before school starts. I’m going to share some tips from parents and teachers across the world.


  • Start a bedtime routine one to two weeks before school starts. A routine may include going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. Do what works best for your family. Most parents suggested going to bed earlier and gradually waking up earlier each day to get used to the early morning wake up times.
  • Let kids help pack their school lunches. Prepare and pack as much as you can the night before. Get as much out of the way at night as you can so you aren’t running behind in the morning.
  • Decide on school clothes for the next day/week. Some parents liked putting them out each night whereas some parents suggest laying out each outfit for the entire week on Sunday evenings. One parent even said they let their boys sleep in their outfit the night before. (I will be the first to admit my sons have done this before).
  • Plan dinner for the first week of school. It’s hard going back to school, but sometimes after school is hard as well. Everyone is tired and usually, there is a lot of paperwork or even homework to attend to. If you plan out dinner for the week and choose quick meals it will make that week go by so much smoother.
  • Have backpacks ready to go at night. Make sure all papers and supplies are ready to go each night so you only have to grab the backpacks on the way out the door.
  • Use a Family Calendar that everyone can see. It will help you stay organized with meetings, projects, extracurricular activities, and sports.
  • For younger children: Make sure they know how to tie shoes or let them wear Velcro shoes. Practice with them on getting dressed and undressed for using the bathroom. Another helpful tip is to help them learn your phone number and home address.
Little Boy wearing a backpack facing the woods. First Week of School picture.
A child wearing a backpack that was packed the night before.

Preparing for School at Home

We all know that this past year has been crazy. Some schools are allowing you to continue school from home instead of attending school in person.

It’s highly recommended that you continue using routines just like you would for them going to school in person. Try to keep them in a routine and use the tips above to make things at homework the best they can.

You may want to make a quiet space for them so they have somewhere they can do their school activities during the day. Many teachers have said they are willing to help you get a good routine in place for your child doing their school activities from home.

A home office with a white desk and white chair and a barn door
A quiet area for homework or school at home.

Questions That Parents Have Asked

Do we take school supplies on the first day of school? It depends, your school should have guidance on this. Some schools have a meet the teacher that allows you to drop off your supplies before the first day.

What meals are quick and easy? I would suggest going on google and searching for easy meals or meals that take less than 30 minutes. There are thousands of recipes out there. Pick something your family will enjoy. Let the kids help prepare dinner.

What if my child isn’t a morning person? That can be tough but manageable. I’m not a morning person. I find that having a checklist helps me get into a morning routine. An example would be: Make Bed, Get Dressed, Brush Teeth, Brush Hair, Eat Breakfast. That way the order of events is the same each morning and it becomes a habit for you and your child.

Back to School Tips

Go easy on yourself and your child. It’s an adjustment for everyone. You may run behind or forget something, but it will be alright. Soak in all the memories you can.

What are your best tips and tricks for the first week of school?



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