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Rediscover Reading on National Reading Day

"From an early age, books were my constant companions and my local library a place I could find a new friend on every shelf."...

Death of a Friendship

Some say that if a friendship lasts seven years, it will last a lifetime. I wonder how true that is. We almost made it,...

Seasons of Life: Best Friends for Each Season

I remember being picked on when I was younger. During those times, I would look around at all the girls that had a lot of...

A Friend for the Ages: A Cross-Generational Friendship

Living in the same town I was born in, I can throw a rock and hit a friend--not that I would, but you get...

Mama, Call Your Girlfriends!

Do you know the secret recipe for a refreshed woman? Girlfriends and sisterhoods (including YOU, sweet reader) need to prep these ingredients because this...

Emergency Contact

I never realized a simple line on a form could stop me in my tracks and bring me to tears. As I sat in...

Thank You, 2020….No, For Real!

It is that time of year again….FINALLY!   The final months of the year are always filled with festivities. I am a newfound member of Halloween now...

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