Boy Mom: Burps, Farts, Hugs, and Kisses


It’s 6:30 am, and I am halfway done with my first cup of coffee. As I stand in the kitchen putting together breakfast, lunches, and bookbags….it is loud.

Not a little loud, deafeningly loud.

I have a boy singing in a high-pitched opera voice to the right and a boy saying, “momma,” one-thousand times repeatedly to the left. It is hard not to lose your cool when you are barely awake.

If you didn’t know, boys crow, sing, and bark at the top of their lungs, for no reason at all, at completely random times.

I imagine if I had a decibel reader in my kitchen every morning, the reading would be able to compete with the Friday night football games.

This is life as a boy mom.

Promptly after the singing and fifty questions, I must walk away for a moment, only to return to said boys fighting. Again, this is our typical morning routine.

You may ask, what could they possibly be fighting about at 6:30 am?

Farting. Yep, I said it. Farting.

This is what has caused World War III in the Gibson kitchen…a fight over who farted first.

As a seasoned boy mom, this is a typical conversation in my household and doesn’t cause me to flinch.

Boy mom
A hand must be in pants at all times.

Being a boy mom is a unique yet rewarding experience.

I typically see more private parts in a day at home than an entire day in the clinic.

Boys have endless energy. I quickly move out of the way as they catapult themselves into the air over the back of my white couch that I have asked them to stay off a hundred times. I tip-toe in the playroom, walking around car cities they have built and trying to avoid a dreaded Lego injury to my foot. I dodge nerf bullets from various directions outside and inside the house.

I live and have learned to thrive in constant chaos.

And if you didn’t know…boys stink.

They can go from freshly groomed to instant stink in seconds. They sweat, play in the mud, and gather smelly items. They must be constantly reminded to wash their hands and actually use soap when they bathe in the shower. Once they get to a certain age, a group of them in your car after practice will cause you to crack a window to save your life from the stench.

Your next challenge is getting them to bathe.

I am often left questioning myself at the end of the day, “when was the last time they showered with soap?” As they run, stripping naked and jumping into the pool, I think, “This counts as a shower, right?”

Young boy with a pet snake
Only a snake as a pet will do

Despite the constant burping at the table, the wrestling to comb their hair, and the constant peep show of little male parts, my boys make me laugh.

They constantly push the limits and teach me not to take life so seriously.

They keep me on my toes and force me to be creative. The best part about being a boy mom is they force me to be authentically wild and unfiltered with play and creative ideas.

Being a boy mom is a lot of organized (and unorganized) chaos, but there is also so much good.

Boys love their mommas, and we are the queen of their world. For every bodily function, there is a baby voiced, “I love you, momma.”

They may bring you perfect rocks and sticks, but they will also bring you a flower picked just for you.

Every time they call their brother a turd-face, they will also call you beautiful.

You are your son’s first true love, and as they grab your hand, you will feel it.

Boy Mom Kacey with her two sons

Boys will request nighttime snuggles and cuddles from their mommy. They have an instinctive protectiveness and will stand up to anyone or anything that threatens their mother.

Although we may correct their manners millions of times, I am always delighted when someone comments on their good behavior. Boys have a rough exterior, but they have kind hearts.

I have been given the gift of raising men for the future.

Although challenging, chaotic, and stinky, I cannot think of any better gift in life than when those boys look me in the eyes and say, “I love you, mommy.”



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Kacey is a lifelong Gulf Coast native spending her childhood between New Orleans, LA, and Ocean Springs, MS. After graduating from Ole Miss she attended Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Fl for Medical School graduating in 2007. She then had the opportunity and privilege to serve as an Air Force Physician until 2014. During this time, she met her husband and started a family. Kacey and her husband with babies in tow moved to the Pensacola area in 2014 to be closer to family and she once again made the Gulf Coast her home. When not practicing medicine, she is dating her husband and wrestling 2 boys while trying to raise them right. She is a self-declared foodie, hopes to be a world traveler one day, and spends a lot of time honing her home cooking skills. She is a lover of life, cares deeply about her patients, and most importantly loves time with her family.


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