A Letter to My Sons


My darling boys,

Some moments will stamp your heart for a lifetime. Moments that will stand frozen in time in your mind, and when recalled, will be outlined with a golden glow to mark its beauty. When I think of the last 6 years as a mother, my memory floods back with times of love, joy, laughter, and growth. The overwhelming love and awe that I have in my heart for both of you remind me of the first time I set my eyes on your sweet faces.

I want always to be able to remind you of how you filled and shaped my heart.

letter to my sons
a golden memory

I impart these memories and life lessons onto you so that you can be reminded of life’s joy even in your earliest moments.

Remind me to tell you…

Remind me to tell you of the time I learned I was pregnant with you and how instinctively I felt protective and strong.

Protect those you love with all your strength.

Remind me of the time I found out I was having a boy and how proud I felt to know it was my duty to raise gentlemen.

Always speak with kind words, respect, and love.

Remind me of the time I saw your sweet face and how knowing in an instant that love at first sight really does exist. The first time I saw each of you, my world stopped, and I only saw you in the room.

See the world with open eyes; pieces of Heaven are all around you.

Remind me to tell you how becoming a mother made your father even more amazing. He stayed with us in the earliest morning hours when you couldn’t sleep, hugged us when we needed extra love, and always put us first. He never left our side without asking if we needed anything or how he could make our life easier.

Be this man and father when it becomes your time.

Remind me to tell you of the times when you met your family. Your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins looked at you with such welcoming smiles and hugged you with the same protective warmth. You were now theirs to love too.

Know that your family will always be there for you as a place of rest, comfort, and strength.

Remind me to tell you of the time that I became the mom to brothers. I knew in my heart that you would be built in best friends, fiercely protective, and would love each other deeply (even after the wrestling matches). I was right. The little one is a shadow in the sweetest way.

Love each other.letter to my sons

Remind me to tell you of the nights I rocked you to sleep. These nights I would hold you and sing you my Good Night Sleep Tight song. I would pray over you and soak in the extra quiet moments while you drifted off. These times, even weary with little sleep, will be some of the most beautiful.

Enjoy the little things.

Remind me of the time I heard you say I love you. I have said those three words to you from the moment I laid eyes on you, and to hear you say it with your squeakiest toddler voice melted my heart.

Nothing sweeter can ever be said to a mother.

Remind me to tell you of the days you hugged me after school. You run up to me with big open arms and a huge smile, eager to tell me of the day’s adventures. Know that I always want to hear of your new experiences and fun.

Making friends, exploring, playing, and being creative are the joys of life- even as you get older.

Remind me to tell you of how your father and I started seeing life again through your eyes. The new experiences that you had were brighter to us; the day’s colors were even more vivid when we saw them through you.

Life through a child’s eyes brings an entirely new perspective. letter to my sons

There are only a handful of accomplishments you can achieve in life that will define you forever and completely. Becoming a mother, your mother, is a memory I play on loop, and I say thanks each day. These golden memories are just glimpses into how brightly you have made my life shine.

I love you,


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A Pensacola native, Miranda enjoys raising her two young sons in her hometown with her husband, Paul. She graduated with a degree in Exercise Science from the University of West Florida, which ignited a passion for adopting a lifestyle around health and wellness. With a large extended family stretching from New England, Colorado, and California, Miranda has loved to travel and crisscross the country visiting and exploring new cities with her family. When Miranda is not playing with her sons- Cohen (5) and Miller (3), she is finding a new home project to start, researching a new recipe, enjoying quality time with friends and family, or finally sitting down watching The Office with her husband and a nice glass of Pinot. She is excited to combine her love of all things Pensacola, the adventures of motherhood/sisterhood of mothers, and writing with Pensacola Mom Collective!


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