Life Lessons From Football: An Interview With Fred Robbins

This post is sponsored by Future for Football. We are proud to partner with organizations that invest positively in the lives of children.

When we think about football, images of “Friday Night Lights” come to mind.

Whether you have a child on the field playing flag or tackle football or just enjoy watching your favorite team on tv, there are so many life lessons we can learn from the game.

Pensacola Mom Collective owners Jane Lauter and Jen Kinsella recently had the opportunity to talk with local Pensacola DAD, and former NFL player Fred Robbins about the positive impact that football has had on his life and the lessons that can be applied both on and off the field.

Born and raised in Pensacola, Fred graduated from Tate High School and attended Wake Forest University where he played football as a defensive tackle. He was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings and played for 12 years in the NFL with the Vikings, the New York Giants, and the St. Louis Rams. Fred and his wife, Tia, have two sons, and together they founded Mr. Robbins Neighbhorhood, a nonprofit dedicated to better preparing high school athletes for success on and off the field through education career exploration and mentorship.

Fred talks about how football brings people together from all walks of life with different social and ethnic backgrounds. This diversity encourages communication and working together as a team, both on and off the field. Not to mention the significant lessons in leadership, discipline, time management, and communication taught by the game.

But this former Super Bowl champ is quick to note that education is the most important priority for our student-athletes.

Here is what Fred had to say about the impact of football both on and off the field:


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