Pensacola Mom Collective’s Ultimate Gift Guide 2020


We are so excited to bring you Pensacola Mom Collective’s Ultimate Gift Guide for 2020!

The ladies in your life (mom, aunt, sister, girlfriend, niece) are special and here is a list we think will bring a big smile to their face!



The men in your life (dad, uncle, brother, boyfriend, nephew) are special and here is a list we think will bring a big smile to their face!


We can’t forget the kids. There are lots of ideas here for ALL ages


Stocking Stuffers for the ADULTS

Stocking Stuffers for the KIDS

Happy Holidays from all of us at Pensacola Mom Collective!

Enjoy our Gift Guide to the for the whole family!!

We hope you will find your holiday gifts for everyone!

All products featured are specifically selected by our team. When you purchase something through our retail links, Pensacola Mom Collective may earn an affiliate commission.
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Jane was born and raised in Pensacola, left in her teens for school and returned 12 years later with her husband, Pete. They have two kids, Jack (9) & Sabel (6). Jane can often be found wearing many hats in her daily life. She is the proud co-owner and co-founder of Pensacola Mom Collective, Marketing Manager for Pensacola Bay Oyster Company, and President of The Kugelman Family Foundation. She is passionate about family, friends, and the Pensacola community. She has embraced her role as a mom but feels compelled to help other moms in this journey of parenthood. When she’s not out and around town, volunteering with Rally Pensacola, Covenant Hospice- My Wish, Sacred Heart Foundation Board, or playing Uber driver to her kids (her favorite role) she can be found with her family on the boat, at the beach or in the countryside. Her family loves to stay active, wake up early (chosen only by the kids), travel, and enjoy all Pensacola has to offer. Pete and Jane enjoy teaching their children about life through activities, being involved, and doing things in community. They have a special place for the people and businesses of Pensacola and are always doing their best to support everyone. Find her on Instagram or contact her via email at [email protected]


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