Kinder-Garden and Other Lessons Learned in the Dirt


An Early Love of Gardening

As far back as I can remember, my mother kept a garden. She loved growing and creating delicious meals that included vegetables from our yard. I know she forged my early love of gardening. There is something wonderfully connective about adding minuscule seeds to soil and eventually growing food! Additionally, I think it is humbling to garden because I am dependent on the soil, sun, rain, and bees for the season to be a success.

Continuing to Grow

Fast forward to today, my love of gardening has blossomed into a borderline obsession! My personality leans toward impatience, but when it comes to gardening, I thrive on waiting. In the summer of 2022, I grew a loofah plant. It was one of the most rewarding plants I have ever grown.

According to Britannica, the loofah or luffa is a vegetable sponge or gourd, and it is a crawling/climbing plant. Loofahs need a long and hot season to go from seed to sponge at your kitchen sink. I planted a few seedlings in March, harvested them in October, and gifted loofah soap and sponges for Christmas! Surprisingly, Loofahs are easy to grow but need plenty of vertical space in order to flourish.


Grow With Me

While I continue to better my garden from year to year, my four children have come alongside me to experience the joys of backyard gardening. From planting, to seeding, adding compost, and harvesting, I allow the children to dive in and really get their hands dirty. The skills learned from a simple backyard garden project can carry into everyday life.

From my experience as a mom, children will enjoy the activities you enjoy simply because they want to be with you. It’s the togetherness that makes an activity like harvesting potatoes fun. It is also a treasure hunt, according to my five-year-old. Whether you grow on an acre or a small patio, let me encourage you to get your children involved.

“sometimes learning looks like dirty hands in the Garden.”

{If you/re looking to grow, but on a small scale, try a vertical planter, or if you have more room, try a raised box.}



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