Family-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Fun!


I love every holiday. I’m that person.

I may not have the mantle decked out or coordinating shirts/jammies each time, but we celebrate- ALL of them- in some way.

For Mardi Gras, we enjoy our share of king cake(s) (so many) and crawfish along with parades. On Valentine’s Day, we do a special breakfast and make homemade valentines. And for the Fourth of July, we have fireworks, crafts, and cookouts.    

There is always a special meal or activity, whether big or small. You get the idea.

St. Patrick’s Day is no different-even though traditionally, it is a more “grown-up” festivity (at least before kids).

But, how can we evolve green beer and street parties into a fun and family-friendly occasion…even with little time as it is a WEEKDAY!?

Here is a breakdown of the day’s timeline and hacks for the whole family unit:

The Buildup

With small kids, Leprechaun “traps” have become a craze as of late. Many are simple using either oatmeal or shoeboxes, craft paper, and paint, using special “bait” like four-leave clover cutouts, gold coins, or even fruit candy or rainbow marshmallows.  

The week leading up to it or the weekend before, this can be a fun craft project to induce excitement of trying to catch the mysterious Leprechaun (More on this to follow).

Don’t have time or feel creatively stumped? You can buy a ready-made kit.

Another fun craft beginning March 1 is to make a rainbow-colored paper chain filled with “Reasons I Feel Lucky” for a countdown and hang it in the bedroom. You read your blessings with each passing day, and the excitement builds.

Sidenote: As a teacher, I love this one as it helps teach and reinforce colors and mathematical skills for the very young.

March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day


Okay, now hear me out. Do not get “Elf on the Shelf” fear here. BUT, if there is a trap, there must have been a leprechaun who tricks the trap. But…no one will ever see the Leprechaun! (Yay, win).

Usually, this translates into small painted footprints, the foiled trap, a letter from the Leprechaun, and then a gift (even for your teen too). 

Now, I am not talking large ticket items here. Maybe a lotto ticket (“feeling lucky”) for your teen with a chance to “win” gas money or green-themed candy/snack foods with a sprinkle of gold coin chocolate. 

The chocolate coins are the biggest hit for the littles, but there are some great themed books, these I Spy on St. Patrick’s Day or  How to Trap a Leprechaun.  

And for any age, something green to wear is a must! St. Patrick’s Day is generally Spring Break these days, so this could be a swimsuit, beach towel, hat, or even fun-themed sunglasses. 

Don’t have time to “paint” the leprechaun mischief using your hand? Some genius mom (I am willing to bet she is a mom) created these ready-made decals to simplify your morning.  

Oh, and a good side note: Peterbrooke Chocolatiers has fantastic chocolate coins just for St. Patrick’s Day!!!

For a themed breakfast, try rainbow yogurt parfaits and green eggs (or pancakes!).

Running around getting ready for work? A simple parfait made with Greek yogurt and diced kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, and bananas will do the trick!  


We have always done Corned Beef and Cabbage in our house. I buy the prepackage corned beef they sell all over the stores this time of year, follow their recipe with the addition of the veggies (adding carrots towards the end) and a can of Guinness, and crank that slow cooker. Or try this Shepherd’s Pie recipe from our friends at Military Mom Collective.

Complete the day with homemade Shamrock Shakes (Vanilla ice cream, green food coloring, and mint extract) and popcorn while watching one of Netflix’s new releases: Riverdance. 

No matter what you decide, May your day be touched by some Irish luck!

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