Fall Crafts With the Family


Fall has to be my second favorite season after Christmas.

A friend in college would decorate her entire apartment with fall decor. I did not know people decorated for fall because we only decorated for Christmas. Once my first daughter was born, it soon became her favorite season. I quickly learned she was more excited about fall crafts than any other type of crafts.

There are so many types of fun fall crafts you can do with your kids or by yourself. I will go over some of the crafts we have done over the years, from the easiest to the hardest.

Fall Craft Ideas

Toilet Paper Pumpkins

I’m sure you have seen them on the internet, but take a roll of toilet paper, then take any type of material and wrap around it, tucking it in the middle, and then place a stick inside the center. We’ve used scrapped material or even cut up old shirts or jeans.

Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Painted Pumpkins

Buy the plastic/carving pumpkins on Amazon or Hobby Lobby. Grab any type of paint and paintbrush and paint it. One year we put a garbage bag on the table, and they painted away. You can even buy used and old pumpkins and give them a facelift by painting them. I use chalk paint a lot to do this.

Pink Painted Pumpkin and Black Carved Pumpkin
Chalk-painted wooden pumpkin.


Push Pin Pumpkins

Buy the plastic/carving pumpkins on Amazon or Hobby Lobby. Then use push pins to make a design. We used ‘B’ for our last name.

Fall Craft Push pin

Carving Pumpkins

Buy the plastic/carving pumpkins on Amazon or Hobby Lobby (the same ones we painted). Find a design online, print it, then cut out a stencil. We tape the paper on the pumpkin, then carefully carve it. We’ve had this turtle pumpkin for over five years! The kids put them in the bedroom for decoration. (See black pumpkin above),

Yarn Pumpkins + Wreath

I bought a lot of small pumpkins, and the kids took the yarn I had around the house and wrapped them using a glue stick. They loved it! It was a little sticky. Once we finished, I took the pumpkins, used hot glue, and glued them onto a wreath. I love looking at that wreath the kids helped make.

Yarn pumpkins the kids made on a fall wreath.

As you can see, with a bit of imagination, Fall Crafts can come from a lot of ideas. Always be on the lookout at garage sales or even Goodwill. I’m amazed at all the fall decor people have given away because it’s outdated. With a bit of paint and creativity, it can be a fun project for the family.

I can’t wait to see what fall crafts you come up with.




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