Easy Halloween Craft for Toddlers: Foam Silly Spiders


This easy Halloween craft is fun for toddlers and can be done in an hour! If you are anything like me, I TRY to be crafty and embrace DIYs. However, most of the time they are time consuming and can be a “Pinterest-Fail”. I am excited to say that this was NOT a fail, but a silly and smooth creative activity completed with toddlers. The foam silly spiders are a cute and simple Halloween craft to add to your decorations!

My oldest son (4.5) LOVES Halloween, and enjoys all things related to the spooky day. We went to our local craft store to get the supplies we needed. You will be surprised that you probably have most of these. This project can be done for less than $20.

Supplies you will need:

  • 3 inch foam craft balls
  • black spray paint
  • wiggly eyes (Dollar Tree)
  • black pipecleaners
  • black poms poms (Dollar Tree)
  • super glue


Supplies needed: super glue, black pom poms, foam craft balls, black pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, black spray paint

How to make the Foam Silly Spiders:

  1. Spray the foam balls with the black spray paint and allow to dry.
  2. Cut four pipe cleaners in half to make the eight spider legs. (Let your child count them!)
  3. Once the paint is dry, insert four pipe cleaners on each side of the ball. Space them out to create better balance. Bend them to make them look like “legs”. (This is a fun part for your toddler to do!)
  4. Using super glue, place poms poms on top of the ball to create texture. (Let your child help with placing, but being careful of the glue.)
  5. Using super glue, place two wiggly eyes.
  6. Bend and shape the legs to allow your silly spider to stand.
  7. Place them with your other Halloween decor!
Spray paint foam balls. Allow to dry.
This is a great motor skill. Allow them to insert the pipe cleaners and count how many legs to use.
Another fine motor skill development moment! Allow them to count the pom poms and help place them once the glue has been applied (adults use the glue)
adding the spider’s hair (texture with pom pom)
Having fun creating the silly spiders!
He was proud of his work and helped arrange them on our outdoor pumpkin!

I hope you enjoy this fun craft and have a Happy Halloween!

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