Friday Favorites: Pensacola Favorite Foods


What are my favorite things? As I asked myself this, my first thought went to a dominating topic: a good meal. Then as I narrowed my favorite meals down, I found a very specific theme- our amazing Pensacolian Culinary Delights.

Living on the Gulf Coast, we are honestly blessed with some heavyweight delectable dishes.

Narrowing it down was a tedious task as I could find a favorite at most of our local establishments, but here are my five favorite foods in Pensacola.

Date Night

Bulgarian Roll (The Fish House)

favorite foods
Photo Courtesy of The Fish House

When I tell you that I love this sushi roll, it is almost an understatement. I craved this for the entire longevity of my pregnancy, so much so that the day after I gave birth, my husband brought in take-out from Fish House…and it did not disappoint.

The combination of the smoked beef tenderloin, shrimp, tuna, green onion, and gorgonzola is mouth-watering and heavenly. Combined with the beautiful view and great cocktail menu, this dinner combination makes for a great date night

This roll is no longer a feature on the main menu, but I know from recent experience and have confirmed with management that if you ask really nicely, they do not have a hesitation in making it as long as all the ingredients are on deck, so if you are going with this sushi masterpiece in mind, it is suggested to call ahead.

Locals Favorite

Shrimp and Grits (Fisherman’s Corner)

My beautiful sister-in-law and I have a birthday just three days apart. A couple of years ago, my sister and brother-in-law flew in for our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebration. This was during a time when they were contemplating a possible move back to Pensacola. I am not fibbing when I say when I snuck my sister-in-law away for a co-birthday lunch, and I purposely picked Fisherman’s Corner to help sell her on the area.

I know many places have great shrimp and grits. It is honestly probably my favorite seafood dish, so I order it wherever we go. Fisherman’s Corner’s take on this southern classic is deliciously surprising.

Y’all, they FRY the grits! FRY THEM! 

Wow. Then the fried gouda grit balls are placed delicately in this creamy andouille sauce surrounded by beautiful shrimp.  

I am not saying this dish is life-changing, but it may be. I will ask my sister-in-law when we go back to celebrate her one year of being a Pensacolian.

Beach Day

Seafood Nachos (Flounders)

I am a Florida girl at heart. I wear a down coat when it is below 60. I long for the summer when the weekends are spent playing in the water and on the sand. Our family loves spending the morning on the boat fishing then grabbing a snack at Flounders, where we have come to love the Seafood Nachos. 

The pile, and I mean a pile of fish, shrimp, melted cheese, black beans, tomatoes, and peppers, could probably feed a family of 6 as a meal…with leftovers. It is a treat to share as a family while enjoying the sunshine. 

The View

Oysters Frisky (The Frisky Dolphin Sunset Oyster Bar and Grill)

favorite foods
Photo Courtesy of Frisky Dolphin

Another favorite beach dish is located in Little Sabine, and this place has the BEST view of a sunset I have found. 

Nothing screams Gulf Coast Seafood more to me than oysters, and although I love a good Rockefeller, this dish is a fun twist. The oysters are baked in garlic butter and topped with bacon, Monterey jack cheese, and topped with jalapenos for a nice, subtle heat.  

Needless to say, a couple of dozen is a nice treat for a late afternoon meal before headed back into town from a day out on the water. 

Special Occasions

The Ribeye (Restaurant Iron)

favorite foods
Photo Courtesy of AJ Galecki

Okay, Ladies, here is my seafood deviation, and only because I LOVE a good steak. It is probably my favorite meal. 

My husband and I celebrated our recent anniversary (The Iron Anniversary) at Restaurant Iron most fittingly.  We ordered what is possibly the best steak we have ever had- ever. 

My grillmaster spouse was also so impressed by it that he thanked the chef at the end of the evening.  

The combination of the black garlic compound butter and Bodacious white truffle oil fused with this Evans Meats 24 ounce certified Black Angus ribeye makes this meal special-REALLY SPECIAL– and worth every single bite. 



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