It’s Crawfish Season!


crawfish boil

Who dat talkin’ bout a crawfish boil?

If you live in this part of the Gulf Coast and have never hosted a crawfish boil for your family, friends, or neighbors, it’s about that time! My mother just boiled a pot last weekend and sent me her pictures. (My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.) It’s super easy and really can become part of your family’s springtime tradition.

First, you need all the things…

A big ole pot. (I recommend a 60 to 80-quart pot) More specifically, check out this Bayou Classics crawfish boil set-up at locally-owned Pensacola Hardware

Bayou Classics Brand Crawfish Setup from Pensacola Hardware 

You can also find similar seafood kits at the big box sporting goods stores. All you need is the propane tank

I know what you’re thinking, a propane tank?

But seriously, think of all the beer drinking that goes on at a crawfish boil. Have you ever once heard of somebody going to the ER over boiling crawfish? (Okay, bad example. If you’re from Louisiana, don’t answer that.)

Make sure that big ole pot has a big ole basket insert and a 2’-3’ foot wooden paddle for stirring.

The best part is that you can talk to yourself and pretend you’re Mama Odie, Voodoo Queen of the Bayou, while stirring.

If you don’t get a prepackaged set-up, you will need to buy each piece separately, including pot, basket, stand, and jet burner with propane hookup.

Go get you some mudbugs. Don’t be afraid to ask your source how many they think you will need, but I would say about 4-5 pounds per person.

Cut that in half for people who don’t eat much, bless their heart.

You can buy crawfish that have been cleaned and purged, but if not, plan to clean them overnight. Using the basket insert, submerge the crawfish in the large pot filled with fresh water. Continue replacing the water until it is clean.

Follow this recipe from McCormick for perfect results. You can make your own boil seasoning mix, but we find the Zatarain’s Crawfish Boil in a bag is perfectly wonderful. I would not recommend the liquid crab boil.

No crawfish boil would be complete without some good sausage, corn, and potatoes. Don’t be afraid to customize your boil by throwing in mushrooms, artichokes, and even pineapple!

That last tip comes to you from the experts at Cordova Crawfish Company!

Get creative with your crawfish boil!

The great thing about a crawfish boil is that you can be as casual as you want to be. Put out some folding tables covered in newspaper and just dump your fully cooked meal down the center of the table like found treasure. No utensils needed. Make sure you’ve got some trash bags and plenty of rolls of paper towels.

No crawfish boil is complete without music, drinks, and good company!

Put some zydeco music on an outdoor speaker and tell your friends to come on over. Nothing brings people together like watching a pot of water boil. You definitely drop your defenses when everyone’s hands are covered in that bayou magic. Speaking of friends, ours at The Lewis Bear Company recommends serving Budweiser or Michelob Ultra at your next boil.

This is the south, so make sure you’ve also got plenty of cold sweet tea and Coca-Cola on hand.

If you’re still on the fence about hosting your own, don’t fret, Cub’s Crawfish on Barrancas in Warrington is open Thursday through Sunday with plates of ready-to-eat crawfish. You can get corn and potatoes, too.

Other local resources for live crawfish and items made with crawfish are Broussard’s Bayou Grill & Cajun Market on Heinberg Street and Louisiana Crawfish & Seafood Inc. on Creighton Road.

Local Events

You definitely do not want to miss the annual Fiesta’s Crawfish Festival held in Seville Square. For more information about this festival, visit the Fiesta Pensacola website and get ready to eat!

Cordova Crawfish Co. is an independent brand, owned and operated by three businessmen from Pensacola, Florida. Cordova Crawfish Co. is the primary vendor of The Pensacola Crawfish Festival, serving over 16,000 pounds of crawfish throughout the Crawfish festival weekend.

Hey Moms, post a picture from your next crawfish boil and tag us!

We’d love to see how it turned out!



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