2021 PMC Holiday Gift Guide

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2021 PMC Holiday Gift Guide
Brody Ryan, Researcher and Gift Guide Helper

Christmas is just around the corner and Pensacola Mom Collective has some ideas for you! A big thanks to our fellow researcher and child toy expert BRODY RYAN! To get ready for the best time of year, Brody has helped me compile a LARGE list for EVERYONE in the family. After all, who is better to help you make a Christmas list than a Pensacola Kid himself?

Below are the MUST HAVE items for the kids, the women, and we can’t forget the men (according to Brody) this holiday season.

Here are our recommendations – we hope you love them as much as we do!


  1. Are your kids begging for a watch and/or phone? We partnered with GABB Wireless for safe devices.  Check it out and grab one today with our Pensacola Mom Collective 50% off promo code! gabbwireless.com/promo/PMC
  2. We all know how sensitive any kid’s skin can be, this Tubby Todd Christmas collection pack is great for babies, kids, and tweens of all ages.
  3. Starbelly Dream Lights are a mix of a stuffed animal and night light for a soothing sleep.
  4. Skoolzy Peg Board Toddler Stacking Toys.

  5. LEGO Classic Around the World Building Kit.

  6. It’s time to learn the states! Make it fun with this bathtub map activity!
  7. This is an adorable gift for the kid who loves books and/or trains, a PJ & Book set.
  8. Wikkistix are FUN no matter what age you are!
  9. Vtech Kid PrintCam is a hit, kids can take pictures and print right there on their camera.
  10. This Ultimate Art Easel is the perfect gift for aspiring artists in the family.

    Young girl playing with toy kitchen for holiday gift guide
    PB Kids Chelsea Kitchen
  11. This kitchen splurge is sure to make a kiddo smile on Christmas morning. The PB kids kitchens are of high quality that last for years to come.
  12. This Little Tikes Farmers Market Playhouse will provide endless fun outside!
  13. Insect Lore Butterfly Garden is still a family favorite no matter what your kid’s age!
  14. Skate and Scoot Combo by Morf Board
  15. Complete Block Set by Lovevery
  16. CoderMindz Board Game for Boys & Girls

  17. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Illustrated edition

  18. Squishmallows are soft, pillow-like stuffed animals that kids love to collect.
  19. This blow-up tumbling mat is a hit this year for kids of all genders and all ages.
  20. Chance Premium Rubber Outdoor / Indoor Basketball.

  21. GoGlam Deluxe Nail Salon for all the girls who love to have their nails done. This is the nail salon all in one. Sure to make every girl smile.
  22. Pogo Sticks are bound to help get out lots of energy!

  23. Maxi’s Creations Mugs is fun for all your hot chocolate outings.

    game table for holiday gift guide
    Infinity Game Table
  24. Infinity Game Table allows you to get rid of the clutter and quit losing game pieces! This is a digital game table and it is so much fun for the whole family. Comes with many of the classics and 44 games total.

  25. This illuminated globe of the world is such a great gift for the aspiring explorer.
  26. Skates are the best gift and ensure a great time!
  27. Razor Electric Skateboard is SO much fun!
  28. Gel Blaster Toy Surge Gun that shoots gellets for an action-packed fun afternoon.
  29. Sleeping bags are always a great gift and come in handy for lots! We love these adorable Pottery Barn Kids ones.
  30. A camping hammock is perfect for some lounging in the backyard or a weekend trip to the woods.
  31. LED Strip Lights to make a kid’s bedroom super cool!
  32. A crash pad by pillowfort is great for hanging out and relaxing in your tween’s room!
  33. Hoverboards are still made for every kid and LOTS of fun!
  34. This transforms your hoverboard into a fun scooter buggy.
  35. Crocs and some Croc charms to really make them special for your kids.
  36. Long Distance Friendship Lamps are for the penpals or cousins who live far away and want to keep in touch.


  1. Floafers Country Club Driver Men’s Water Shoes.

  2. Comfortable slippers are a must, and these Tasman UGG slippers are incredible.
  3. Marlowe Men’s Body Scrub Soap
  4. Year after year when I ask men what’s on the list, this tennis shoe is always at the top. ON CouldNova.

    on cloud shoes
    On Cloud Shoes
  5. A great gift for the traveling man, the Herschel Dopp Kit
  6. An Inflatable Kayak is fun for the whole family
  7. This silver beer stein is such a great gift for the gentleman who enjoys a cold beer.
  8. Is he a Braves fan? This Smathers & Branson Braves gear is something to sure make him smile.
  9. This Saltwater Quarter-Zip comes in a ton of colors and can be worn dressy or casual.
  10. Every man loves a good flannel shirt for the fall and winter. The PMC husbands are a big fan of this VV one.
  11. Portable JBL Speaker (waterproof 7 dustproof).
  12. Beats Wireless Headphones for the man on the go. These can be great for teens too!
  13. This men’s subscription box is VERY cool.
  14. Design a custom backpack for him with this cool brand!
  15. Phillips smart sleep alarm clock with soothing wake-up sounds and lighting.


  1. This Spanx Top is a must-have!
  2. Speaking of Spanx, these active leggings are flattering and comfortable.
  3. These bow stud earrings are fun for every lady.

    bow stud earrings
    Bow Stud Earrings
  4. Pura SmartHome Diffuser and some holiday scents are just what makes a house a cozy home.
  5. We absolutely adore Emily Ley’s Simplified brand but this necklace is a fan favorite.
  6. Barefoot Dreams Robe is perfect to go under the tree! This brand makes an amazing throw too.
  7. Hands down the BEST sweater out there, and comes in so many colors!
  8. We are all working to keep that younger, fresh face. This cleansing and firming device helps clean deeper that leads to better absorption of serums and lotions. This is something we can’t live without.
  9. This is a great tote that is for EVERY lady.
  10. If she doesn’t have a dutch oven, STOP NOW and make sure it’s under the tree!
  11. PURE Silk Hair Ties are great for the hair, they don’t leave a crease or damage or breaks in your hair.
  12. This ionic facial steamer is fantastic for at-home facials.
  13. Speaking of great things for skincare, this mini fridge is fantastic for your face products that need to be kept cold (also throw in some drinks, snacks, and vitamins)
  14. Make sure when it’s time for bed, she is in the softest PJs out there.

    lake pajamas
    Lake Pajamas
  15. Pearl Cluster Earrings are always a classic, dress up or down and you are ready to go!
  16. Sunglasses are a great accessory and these Quay Sunglasses are a great price point for a stylish, cute, good option. These DIFF Bella II are always an overall stylish sunglass on every woman.
  17. This adorable zipper pouch can be used in so many different ways, add a monogram and it’s a great gift under the tree.
  18. Adorable Open Cardigan Sweater to go with all the plain t-shirts and jeans. YOUR WELCOME 🙂
  19. Dash Fresh Popcorn Maker is sure to make movie night more fun! This will be a fan favorite for the whole fam.
  20. Jane is a huge fan of these Gigi New York handbags, they are long-lasting and a great bag across the board. This Billie Crossbody is bound to make any woman smile under the tree this year.

    billie crossbody purse in white for holiday gift guide
    Billie Crossbody
  21. Stock her up on books. We are loving MAID, which also has a fantastic limited series on Netflix right now.
  22. Charlotte Tillbury PILLOW TALK Gift Set. This includes a 4 piece gift set of all things for your lips in the color pillow talk.
  23. Peter Thomas Roth’s Mask to the Max. This gift set includes 4 different best sellers of Peter Thomas Roth to make your skin feel renewed and young.
  24. Don’t forget the eye patches! After a long night, these PTR patches come in handy and save the day.
  25. Last but not least is this Dyson Super Hairdryer. It is pricey but is worth the investment, it fights humidity, protects your hair from heat damage, and speeds up the hair drying process.


Did we miss anything that is on the Christmas list in your house this year? If so, let us know…

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