“Souper” Easy and Healthy Start to the New Year


A new year always means big goals. I’m ready to get rid of the quarantine fifteen (or… let’s face it, who’s counting), and it starts with a healthy diet. I’m sharing two soups that are so creamy and delicious you wouldn’t know they are plant-based and extra healthy. These are my go-to’s when I know I need to get in my veggie count or even slip it to the littles if I can’t remember the last time they ate a vegetable.

Cauliflower Soup

This cauliflower soup is so smooth you’d think it’s too good to be cauliflower. Optional but a yummy touch is to add a few bacon crumbles (my personal favorite) or a sprinkle of shredded cheese. Both make it heartier and add a little more texture. 

Cutting onion: the hardest part but so therapeutic
Doesn’t look like much yet. Ready to be blended.
Choose your topping! (optional)
My favorite topping: bacon crumbles

Curry Carrot Soup

The second is Curry Carrot Soup. My toddler loves flavor, so she enjoys this (even though she doesn’t like carrots.) I caught my friend Jessica making this soup in the new year a few years back and knew instantly I needed to add the recipe to my repertoire. It has since become a household favorite.

Prep: gather
Yep, just throw it all in there… it’s THAT easy.
Bon appétit!

What I love most is that these are so easy and quick to prepare. They freeze well, so I make a lot and have some ready for those last-minute dinner moments.



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