Announcing the Pensacola Mom Collective Fitness Club!


We are thrilled to announce the

Pensacola Mom Collective Fitness Club!

“There are no shortcuts to living your greatest life and becoming your best self.” 

Do you love to workout?

Have you made a resolution to get healthy in 2021?

Are you trying to motivate yourself to get in a better place with your mind and body?

Do you want to connect with other area moms and workout together? Or even motivate one another to reach your personal goals?

Have you wanted to join a fitness group but didn’t know where to look?

Then the PMC Fitness Club is for you!

This group will ebb and flow based on what is happening around Pensacola and what the group needs to motivate one another.

Our Pensacola Mom Collective Team will lead the group on their workouts for the week and encourage anyone and everyone to JOIN THEM all over Pensacola and at gyms and classes, they plan to attend. We will also have Peloton rides with #PensacolaMom {click hashtag to add yourself to the TAG ON PELOTON}. We plan on sharing our meal planning ideas, healthy recipes we are cooking, and, most importantly, be a positive place to check-in and cheer each other to our goals. 

“Your mind is a powerful tool, and by filling it with positive messages, phrases, and sayings, they can help motivate you to keep going when you might want to give up.”

In the meantime, be sure to join our PMC Fitness Club Facebook Group. This is where you will get all the updates mentioned above and interact with other Pensacola area moms looking for the same thing.

So, take some time for YOU, Mama! Let’s make it a priority to take care of ourselves, practice self-care, and most importantly, LOVE ourselves to our best ability this year.

Join us!

We look forward to connecting with you and helping you on your journey to becoming your best version of yourself in 2021!


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Jane Lauter
Jane was born and raised in Pensacola, left in her teens for school and returned 12 years later with her husband, Pete. They have two kids, Jack (12) & Sabel (8). Jane can often be found wearing many hats in her daily life. She is the proud co-owner and co-founder of Pensacola Mom Collective, President of The Kugelman Family Foundation & CEO of her household. She is passionate about family, friends, and the Pensacola community. She has embraced her role as a mom but feels compelled to help other moms in this journey of parenthood. When she’s not out and around town, volunteering with Rally Pensacola, Covenant Hospice- My Wish, Sacred Heart Foundation Board, Pensacola's Finest Foundation or playing Uber driver to her kids (her favorite role) she can be found with her family on the boat, at the beach or in the countryside. Her family loves to stay active, wake up early (chosen only by the kids), travel, and enjoy all Pensacola has to offer. Pete and Jane enjoy teaching their children about life through activities, being involved, and doing things in community. They have a special place for the people and businesses of Pensacola and are always doing their best to support everyone. Find her on Instagram (@jmlauter) or contact her via email at [email protected]


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