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Meet Dr. Kacey Gibson:women physicians day

A New Orleans born, Mississippi native, and first-generation Cuban, she is the American dream. At three years old, with a Fisher-Price doctor bag in her hand, her path to medicine was clear. Kacey is a local family medicine doctor, happily married wife, and mom of two young boys. She proves that hard work pays off and dreams can become a reality.

Perseverance Over Adversity

Growing up in an underprivileged, single-parent home, it was easy to see the odds stacked against her. A graduate of Ole Miss, she was the first in her family to pursue higher education. Shaped by military life, where she served in the United States Air Force for 7 years, she went on to receive her medical degree from Nova Southern University.

A third-year medical student, she left a routine dental appointment in 2005, convinced she would marry the dentist she just met. Putting their careers first, the beginning of their love story was dotted with time apart. Married in 2009, they soon managed to navigate the choppy waters of parenthood, which took them through colic, food intolerance, reflux, and sleepless nights while they worked full-time -she as a family medicine military doctor and he as a dentist in a walk-in clinic.

Although her husband grew up in the area, Pensacola became home for Dr. Gibson and her family in June 2014. The beaches, a sense of community, an excellent school system, and family support keep them rooted in northwest Florida.

Juggling Motherhood 

While initially on a path to be a surgeon, Dr. Gibson quickly found family medicine allowed her to pursue medicine and family life with equal passion.

Like many mothers, Dr. Gibson struggles with self-care and the all to familiar mom guilt. Because she works long hours, she puts quality time with her husband and children at the top of her to-do list. Recognizing the importance of physical and mental self-care, she tries to fit both into her busy week. Whether it’s a quiet morning on the Peloton or immersing herself in a good book, making time for herself is a 2021 goal.

“Being a parent is hard. It is harder than being a doctor.”

In her words, “These are tiny little humans that I would give my life for but at the same time can ignite an anger in me I didn’t know existed.”

Perhaps the most relatable quote of all time.

From One Mother to Another

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or building a career, Dr. Gibson offers some words of wisdom all mothers can appreciate; from making time for self-care and giving yourself grace to meal planning and finding time to relax. We grow as women and mothers when we allow ourselves to be present in the moment, embrace our health and the relationships we cherish, and do more with less. Life is about learning the lessons and wiping the slate clean every day to welcome new opportunities and possibilities.

The Love of Medicine

When asked what she loves most about practicing medicine, Dr. Gibson says:

“Connection and results. I really do love forming relationships with my patients. I have been given such a privilege to be with people during their most vulnerable times. They trust me with their secrets and, most importantly, their lives. I get to see people in their most raw moments and help them navigate their next step.”

Today, on National Women Physicians Day, we celebrate Dr. Gibson and all women in medicine!

Dr. Kacey Gibson and family


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