4-Ever Eating Habits: You Are What You Eat


Most of my social media and PMC posts are food-related. Yes, I love to cook, and I also love to eat! Most of the pictures you see @frommykitchentotheworld are actually of my husband’s dinner plate. I am a firm believer in balanced meals, but there are certain ways I like to adapt my plate for my comfort. What can I say? Habits are hard to break!

Why should we put ourselves through strict diets that are meant to be broken? For long-term success, we can restructure our daily diet plans in a way that suits us and motivates us to maintain the “good habits” we aspire to.

Consistency is key!

Did you know that it takes a baby 30 “tastes” of a food item before their tastebuds approve it? As adults, it might take the same amount of time to “acquire” the habit of switching, for example, from french fries to a baked potato. But it can be done, and the day will come when you won’t even be thinking about it!

I like keeping the first two meals of my day (Monday-Friday) consistent to avoid grabbing unhealthy items and adding any more stress to the day. Get your family on board and let them know that the dinner menu is not ‘a la carte.’ As your habits change, so will those of your family. The kids can fish out the vegetables, and you can replace the pasta with any healthier option (zoodles, farro, etc.).

Let me share with you my personal eating HABITS…


I only drink water (1 gallon) and one or two cups of coffee throughout the day. I avoid soda and juice entirely. Imagine how your body will change if you eliminate sugary soft drinks? I would personally rather enjoy a guiltless glass of wine or cocktail at the end of the day or week. There are flavors and different options that can help you drink the necessary water quantities your body needs.

Breakfast (Monday – Friday)

I prepare a bowl or smoothie of nonfat greek yogurt with fruit, honey, nuts, 1 Tbsp chia seeds, 1 Tbsp flax seeds, and 1 tsp apple cider vinegar (ACV). 

Lunch (Monday-Friday) 

Lunch usually consists of any leftover protein and vegetables from the night before topped with an egg. Also, Tuna or Chicken with raw vegetables and mayo vinaigrette or balsamic glaze.

Dinner (Monday – Friday)

I follow my Weekly Dinner Plan, but for my serving, I replace the rice with quinoa or cauliflower (pulsed in the food processor) and replace pasta with carrot noodles or zoodles. You can find them in the vegetable or frozen section in your grocery store or make them yourself with a potato peeler. For Taco Tuesdays, instead of using flour tortillas, I use corn tortillas. I don’t keep these up 100% of the time, but I plan ahead to balance out my carb intake quantities throughout the week.


Saturday and Sunday we have Brunch at home or at a local restaurant!

On Saturday, I prepare a cold breakfast which includes a charcuterie board, smoked salmon, boiled eggs, and raw fruit and vegetables with home-baked bread. It’s always comforting to consume products you make at home because you can control what ingredients are used.

Sunday is usually a Frittata, or some steak or seafood hash topped with fried or poached eggs. But I am a sucker for a crab cake benedict from one of our local restaurants! 

For dinner, we might order takeout one evening and the other, we grill. Our sides usually include rice, beans, and salad.



My husband and I actually don’t snack. We prefer to eat a full meal instead of nibbling throughout the day. If we do, it’s usually hummus with vegetables and pita chips or homemade salsa or guacamole with tortilla chips. For our picnics, we eat thinly sliced (cooked the night before or store-bought) cold chicken breast and pork tenderloin with horseradish and bread. Also, Caprese salad and Ceviche.


My husband and I don’t typically eat dessert, but we’ll share one with the kids once in a while if they let us! Fruit gelatos are delicious and usually have lower calories. I truly love any kind of fruit with hand-whipped cream, which I prepare and enjoy on special occasions. 

Adult Beverages

I always thought that I could keep things safe and under control by just drinking wine and bubbles, but these are quite high in sugar. So, when you are out on the town, consider other lower caloric options such as tequila straight up with a lemon or orange wedge or vodka and tonic water. If you are into cocktails, citrus-based ones usually have fewer calories than sweet ones like White Russians and Chocolate Martinis. And If they have “fake colors” like bright red or blue – PASS!

I don’t want to stop enjoying delicious food or get frustrated with strict diets, so I’ve tried to create habits that settle well with my family and me. This has helped me to stay consistent. Whenever I decide to indulge, I don’t feel guilty either. Once you create GOOD HABITS and make them part of your lifestyle, you won’t have to stress about them.

Remember, physical activities and nutrition should be a marriage never to break!


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*The above-mentioned are harmless ways that I manage my health and body. Every physical activity can be modified to your restrictions and abilities. If you have a condition that needs to be professionally managed or seek specific nutrition advice, contact a certified nutritionist or your Primary Care Physician for a thorough assessment.




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