Oh, Baby! PMC’s Local King Cake Guide


My four-year-old woke up on Three Kings Day (Jan 6) with two words- “King Cake”.

He knew. It. Was. Time.

Now for those of you outside the Pensacola area and especially those who derive from the Creole State, you must bare with me as I am an amateur merely aspiring to become a professional King Cake Connoisseur.

I have tried your Duong Phuong’s and Randazzo’s. THEY ARE AMAZING.

However, I must admit, the First City itself does indeed have a good king cake (or several).

Although a king cake, or three kings cake, has a version in many countries worldwide, the Gulf Coast version typically consists of cinnamon dough with or without icing. Many of them have a variety of flavors inside- cream cheese (YAS), strawberry, pecan praline, or the unicorn…pecan praline cream cheese!  If you are really lucky, you can find the Zulu varietal as well (yep, we have one available here).

Placed inside (after baking) is a small baby figurine meant to represent the Baby Jesus. The one who gets it receives good luck and prosperity for the year…and, with their new-found wealth, is also responsible for buying the next king cake as the Mardi Gras season rolls on.

If you, too, wish to venture into the world of king cake sampling and join in the revelry, here is a list of local hot spots for all your doughy desires.

Adonna’s Garden Street Café

(850) 696-2227

811 W Garden St, Pensacola

Craft Bakery

(850) 332-5921

5555 N Davis Highway, Pensacola

J’s Bakery

(850) 439-6546

2014 N 12th Ave

Maynard’s Doughnuts

(850) 378-0025

875 E 9 Mile Rd #9, Pensacola

Milton Quality Bakery

(850) 623-3676

6727 Caroline Street, Milton

Sweet Sarah

(850) 982-5993

Pick up in Cantonment or local delivery

Trollbreads Bakery

Pick at 1505 Rivers Street or Saturday Palafox Market South

They have a Zulu variety and a savory option with boudin and/or andouille.

And for those of you who eat your way through the local hot spots, there are indeed imported versions locally without a Grub Hub shipment charge. 

Gambino’s King Cakes

Small Cakes

5046 Bayou Blvd, Pensacola

(850) 332-5245

Cafe Nola

400 Quietwater Beach Rd, Pensacola Beach

(850) 677-8532

Apple Market

1021 Scenic Hwy, Pensacola

(850) 433-4381

Meche’s King Cakes


690 E. Heinberg St, Pensacola

(850) 469-9400

Randazzo’s King Cakes

Nelson’s Lounge

2526 Gulf Beach Hwy, Pensacola

(850) 457-3664

Caluda’s King Cakes

PJ’s Coffee

(850) 542-7400

85 W Airport Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32505

If you’re dairy-free or vegan, you don’t have to miss out on the king cake fun:


*pre-order only (24-hour notice) 

(850) 332-6080

170 S Jefferson Street, Pensacola

The knife always stays in the box.

What is your favorite place to buy king cake locally?



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Katie Brand
Katie was born in Pensacola and lived there for 36 years with a brief pause in England for two. She now calls Milton home. After earning her degree in English at the University of West Florida, she spent countless sleepless nights deciding between law school or education, but followed her heart and pursued a career teaching high school English and has not looked back since. She and Dan married in 2014, where she was fortunate also to gain a son through marriage. She is now a mom to two big-hearted boys. They spend their free-time enjoying life on the water. Additionally, Katie enjoys trying new recipes and reading all genres-especially cheesy thrillers. She is a wannabe DIYer, who much to her husband’s chagrin houses a sewing machine and Cricut that collect dust while her Pinterest inspiration boards collect numerous amounts of pins for “one day.”


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