Tristan Brooks

Family Physician. Wife to a die-hard Seminole. Mom to 2 kids under 4! Lover of food and travel. Sucker for live music. Special interests in taking care, wellness/making lifestyle changes to be healthier, playing guitar (poorly) around a campfire, normalizing breastfeeding, striving for authenticity and writing it all down. Follow the instagram @LadderToTheStars for our Maternal Health and Wellness Initiative.

Healthy Moms Take Care of Themselves: My Postpartum Anxiety

A note from the author:  In writing this article series, I had a lot of concerns. For myself. For my little family. For the way I would be seen. So I talked to my husband,...

Defending and Reclaiming the Resume Gap 

Ah, the dreaded resume gap. It’s unfortunate that I’ll have to account for every single second spent at home raising two children under three years old on my resume. I’ve been told that anything over...

On the Road with PMC: Tallahassee

On the Road with Pensacola Mom Collective Sponsored by: KIA AUTOSPORT OF PENSACOLA We are grateful to our sponsor, KIA AutoSport of Pensacola, for supporting our mission of educating, encouraging, and empowering local moms through the...

Flipping the Script on “Wait Until”

I think we can all agree that no stage of parenting is easy. That said, some parts are more difficult than others. The breastfeeding, the tantrums, and the wrestling match that is brushing teeth, all...

Our Family’s Pensacola Christmas Bucket List

As a local (born and raised in Pensacola), I’ve seen this place go through many a change when it comes to holiday offerings. My husband and I sat down and decided to do something...

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