Taxie Lambert

Born in Pensacola, Florida Taxie lived her childhood and teenage years moving around as an Army brat. She lived in Germany and Italy before settling back in Pensacola in 2000. While Taxie originally set out to pursue a degree in teaching, earning a bachelor's in Elementary Education, God had other plans for her when an opportunity arose to work at a prestigious law firm. She has worked as a Paralegal for the past 14 years and is currently pursuing her Master's degree in Administrative Law at the University of West Florida. Upon graduation, she hopes to pursue her lifelong desire to teach. Taxie is happily married and a mother to two girls, Desirea and Katelyn. She enjoys camping and gardening. Taxie is a loyal friend who always finds time in her busy schedule to maintain her friendships with GNO and Girl Trips. Even though her plate is full with a career, family, and school, Taxie is always available to help with anything involving her daughters. In the past Taxie has volunteered her time serving as a cheer and softball coach and currently serves as a Girl Scouts Leader. Taxie has faced challenges most people couldn't imagine but she is full of hunger to become a better version of herself every day.

Teen What?

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Back To School Decisions

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