Tara Spencer

Tara was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida. She married her husband, Gamal, in 2002 and they have three wonderful children (Raiden, Christian, and Zara). Tara is a graduate of Pensacola State College and Troy University with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Business. She is the Victim’s Advocate with the Pensacola Police Department that puts to use her natural ability and desire to help others. Tara is an active member of the finer women of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Gamma Tau Zeta Chapter in Pensacola which keeps her active in the community along with her amazing Sorority Sisters. She enjoys traveling with her family and also enjoys a good girls trip. She and her family also enjoy playing games. Nothing is more serious at the Spencer house than a deck of UNO cards!
World Smile Day

World Smile Day: More Than Just Saying “Cheese”

On any regular day, you do not have to tell me to say cheese or smile for any reason. Although my kids would say I am the serious parent while my husband is the...

This Was Not Our Plan, but It’s GRAND!

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