Mandy Fernandez

Mandy Fernandez
Mandy Fernandez has lived in Pensacola since 2009. She's originally from southeast Louisiana and has also lived in Ohio and Alabama before finding a home in this region. Mandy is the mom of two daughters (ages 15 and 11) and has been married for over 20 years. Mandy is an award-winning essayist and short story writer. She is also the author of Kazoo Makes the Team, the beloved children's book about the Pensacola Blue Wahoos baseball team mascot, Kazoo.
Inside a mall

Discover Fun and Make Memories in a Mall Photo Scavenger Hunt

Do your kids need to put away their phones for a bit and get some exercise? I have an idea for them, and for you, that will put phones to work and have your kids...
female with head down in hands feeling frustrated or sad

Worst Version of Myself

"You seem to give me the worst-case scenarios. Can we consider the best one or somewhere between?" My oldest daughter said. Her words stopped me in my tracks. Lately, my mind has lived in the worst,...

The Value of Making Conversation

Seven of us sat around a small table in a conference room. Our phones were put away in lockers. There was no television or other sound in the room, and we had to wait...
Varying emotions - happy, angry, fearful and more

The In-Between: Where Tweens and Parents Dwell

“You don’t need to ask that question again. You already asked me twice,” my daughter said rudely. Silence from me fills the car. “Are you mad at me?” she asked, a bit exasperated. “Not mad, but irritated,”...

Play This Icebreaker Game to Help Kids Get To Know Each Other

Do you have to plan a party with a mix of children who don’t know each other? Perhaps your children have to attend a gathering where you don’t know many people? That can be daunting...

Get the “Ugly” Out

You’ve heard of a vent session or a rant, right? I’m sure you can locate a dozen or more rants on social media right now. Well, I use the phrase “get the ugly out” with...
Healthy Holidays sign - words on chalkboard with decoration

Enter Holidays With A Healthy Mindset

Do the words “holidays” and “healthy” even belong in the same sentence? They seem impossible to go together, but they can happen with practical tips and planning. Last year I gained between five and seven...

Stop the Comparisons! Share Experiences and Positive Talk

"I would appreciate it if you did not compare me and my situation to that. We are different people.” My daughter uttered these phrases to me. She dropped a truth bomb that was hard for...
The word breakfast with foods

Vary Your Family’s Breakfast With These Ideas

I recently shared with a friend that my kids only eat cereal about once a week. She seemed surprised and intrigued. First, let me say: This is a no-judgment post for any parents who give...

Take the Monthly Photo-A-Day Challenge

Summer vacation is here and it’s time to make memories! Let me suggest a fun, easy way to connect with your family and friends both near and far. Form a small group and have everyone...