Elizabeth Gilroy

Originally from Montgomery, Alabama, Elizabeth moved to Pace in 2016 when her husband Danny was appointed the pastor of a small local United Methodist church. They have four children (now 28, 22, 21, and 17). Elizabeth was a middle and high school teacher for 20+ years, but in 2017, their lives were turned upside down when Danny was struck with a catastrophic illness that left him a quadriplegic. Elizabeth stopped teaching and became his full-time caregiver. Elizabeth has become a staunch advocate for disability rights and accessibility and she and Danny have made drastic changes to their health, losing 92 and 87 pounds, respectively. They now coach others to create healthy habits. Elizabeth loves all things sports (but is a terrible athlete), relishes in a good audiobook, can binge Netflix with the best of them, and cherishes every moment she gets with her now grown children. Being a writer is one of those things on her bucket list, and she is honored to be able to bring her experiences as a “seasoned” mom to the readers of Pensacola Mom Collective.

Even Mommy Needs a Good Bedtime Routine

Let's talk about the one thing that seems to illude us mamas the most, SLEEP. May is National Mental Health Awareness Month and also Better Sleep Month, which means getting a good night's sleep should be...

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