Cori Lojo

Cori Lojo
Cori was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, met her Pensacola native husband during college in Gainesville, and also called Tallahassee and D.C. home before moving to Pensacola in 2015. With a passion for public service, she recently started a non-profit law firm which focuses on bringing more affordable legal services to those with modest means. She and her husband circle around three, toddler-aged, incredible daughters. While sleep and free-time are limited, they are enjoying this busy season of life with littles. Cori enjoys making to-do lists that never get completed, happy hour, reading, and spending time with her family, preferably with coffee.

Losing the Weight

I can barely carry myself. I’ve been on my feet for hours at work, sagging under the stress. My new silhouette makes me off balance; the drop of a pen could send me. I’m...

Supporting New(ish) Parents Outside the Baby Registry

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Less Than a Day

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Pensacola’s Offbeat Kid-Friendly Restaurants

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Redefining Productivity During Parenthood

I’ve always liked being productive. In high school, I played sports and worked on top of a full course load. Through college and law school, I took a single summer off. I was used...